Birgit skirt Meier

Birgit skirt Meier (* 29. November 1973 in MOO castle a.d.Isar) is a German light athlete, who was successful since end of the 1990er years as Sprinterin. Their largest success is those gold medal in the 4x100-Meter-Lauf with the world championship 2001 (42.32 s, together with Melanie Paschke, Gabi skirt Meier and Marion Wagner). The German relay had first behind the USA - relay the second place occupies. After the US-Sprinterin Kelli White had later been this-qualified because of Dopings, in June 2004 the world champion title was awarded to the German relay.

1998 became it with the 4x100-Meter-Staffel second of the European championship (42.68 s, together with Melanie Paschke, Gabi skirt Meier and Andrea Philipp).

Successfully with the 4x100-Meter-Staffel already was it in the junior class: 1991 became it junior Europameisterin, 1992 third of the junior world championships.

Birgit skirt Meier is the twin sister of Gabi skirt Meier, which was likewise a successful Sprinterin. It started it until 1998 for the TSV Jahn freesings, starting from 1999 belongs the LG Olympia Dortmund (coach: Heinz loose) on. It is 1.73 meters large and weighs 62 kg. Birgit skirt Meier is soldier in the group of sport promotions of Neubiberg.


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