Diocese Magdeburg

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base data
bishop: Dr. Gerhard fig
Generalvikar: Raimund Sternal
bishop: vakant
ore diocese: Paderborn
Dekanate: 10
Pfarreien: 181 ((31. December 2003)
Surface: 23,208 km ²
inhabitants: approx. 2.750.000 (31. December 2003)
Catholic: approx. 103.000 (2005)
Portion: 6.1%
address: Max Josef butcher STR. 1
39104 Magdeburg
Website: www.bistum-magdeburg.de
E-Mail address:

The diocese Magdeburg (lat. Dioecesis Magdeburgensis) is a Diözese in Saxonia-Anhalt. In addition parts of the diocese belong to the Lands of the Federal Republic Brandenburg and Saxonia. Bishop church is the cathedral sank Sebastian in Magdeburg. Characteristicthe situation is as diocese in the Diaspora.

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to history

ore diocese Magdeburg

the old ore diocese Magdeburg originated in to 968 under Otto the large one as Vorposten of the eastFrankish-German realm against the Slawen and became outAreas of the Diözesen half city and Merseburg production. Protection patron of this ore diocese was holy Mauritius. As Suffragane the neighbour dioceses Havelberg, Naumburg, Merseburg and Meissen were subordinated to the Metropoliten. Beside his position as Metropolit of a large church province, the archbishop was also still Primas Germaniae. Of his importance in the high Middle Ages the farm servant citizen cathedral witnesses.

Since 1476 the ore diocese continued to turn out ever in dependence to Brandenburg and Saxonia. This became particularly noticeable in the reformation time, since this happening took place particularly on its territory. Since 1541 finally inthe hands of the house Brandenburg fallen, it stood since 1566 under the supervision of Protestant administrators. Only in the process of the dreissigjährigen war it could receive temporarily again a catholic archbishop, but was of a Rekatholisierung to no more to be thought. The Westfäli peace (1648)Magdeburg awarded to the cure prince of Brandenburg as independent principality, with which it found its final end.

castle county Magdeburg

diocese Magdeburg

in 20. Century was the today's diocese the East part of the ore diocese Paderborn.Since an administration of the area lying in the GDR was not possible however from Paderborn, became there to 23. July 1973 a Bischöfliches office establishes, whose jurisdiction the bishop and Apostoli administrator became to transfer into Magdeburg, Johannes brown. This Bischöfliche office belongedofficially to the ore diocese Paderborn and the Apostoli administrator were there active accordingly also only as a bishop, but developed it actually to its own diocese. After the resignation of bishop Johannes brown becomes the director/conductor of the Seelsorgeamtes in Magdeburg, Leo Nowak, 1990 ApostoliAdministrator in Magdeburg appointed.

The today's diocese Magdeburg became to 8. July 1994 from the ore diocese Paderborn separated and to an independent diocese raised. It belongs to the church province Paderborn. The first bishop of the diocese the Apostoli administrator at that time in Magdeburg became, bishop Leo Nowak, appointed.

To 17. March 2004 ended the term of office of bishop Leo Nowak. Pope Johannes Paul II. the request for resignation had assumed, to a bishop the Roman-catholic church in accordance with. CAN. is committed to 401 §1 CIC, if it its 75. Lebensjahr reaches. Bishop Dr. Gerhard fig, which led the fate of the diocese during the Sedisvakanz as Diözesanadministrator, became to 23. February 2005 appointed from the Pope to the new bishop of Magdeburg. Into its office it was inserted to 16. April 2005 in the bishop church sank Sebastian in Magdeburg.


in the context of the family barrier travel of the diocese Magdeburg to the Huysburg to 4. September 2005 gave bishop Gerhard to fig the starting signal for the formation of 44 municipality groups. The past Pfarrgemeinden and - kuratien are during a process to latest 2010 to grow together and then to newPfarreien to be raised.

diocese patron

the patron of the diocese Magdeburg is the holy Norbert of Xanten.

diocese arrangement

the diocese Magdeburg, a Suffraganbistum of the ore diocese Paderborn, is divided into the ten following Dekanate.

Katholische Kirche Wittenberg
Catholic church joke mountain

church mechanisms

diocese archives

max Josef butcher STR. 1 To 39104 Magdeburg


work on] of education

and conference houses resounds

  • Roncallihaus Magdeburg
  • Konrad Martin - house bath Kösen
  • Jugenhaus pc. Michael Rossbach
  • family holidays place pc. Ursula Kirchmöser
  • family education place Naumburg
  • forestry house Eggerode
  • forest house Dubro



the schools of the diocese Magdeburg are in working group of the Edith stone foundation school.

primary schools
  • pc.Hildegard, waste dump life
  • pc. Franziskus, resounds (Saale)
  • to pc. Martin, Oschersleben
  • pc. Mechthild, Magdeburg
High Schools
  • Liborius High School, Dessau
  • Elizabeth High School, resounds (Saale)
  • to Nobertusgymnasium, Magdeburg

catholic theology

adult education

  • KEB Magdeburg
  • KEB resounds

to Gemeindepastoral

  • specialized academy for Gemeindepastoral


catholic academy resounds


the following catholic federations is active in the diocese Magdeburg:

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