Diocese Passau

Karte des Bistums Passau
base data
bishop: William Schraml
Generalvikar: Dr. Klaus Metzl
ore diocese: Munich-freesing
Dekanate: 17
Pfarreien: 309
surface: 5,442 km ²
catholics: 520,373
address: Cathedral place 8
94032 Passau
Website: www.bistum-passau.de
E-Mail address:

The diocese Passau (lat. Dioecesis Passaviensis) is a Diözese in the east of Bavaria and covers the eastern part of the governmental district Lower Bavaria and the area Altötting - castle living.

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the diocese one based 739 by Bonifatius. It was at present the holy Roman realm at 42.000 km ² the largest diocese and expanded over Vienna to Hungary. ThoseHistory of the diocese begins however already very much in former times. Around the year 300 the first Roman inhabitants let themselves be baptized. The holy pc. Florian, moving bishop St. Valentin and pc. Severin lived time in Passau in this frühern.

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diocese cartridge are the holy ones: Valentin, Maximilian and brother Konrad

diocese arrangement


culture and objects of interest


economic difficulties

dramatic decliningChurch tax means and catholic numbers as well as missing priests force to fuse not only Pfarreien to close but also churches (see also:Church-die).

To accomplish besides by the locking of two of three church youth offices in Hauzenberg and Tittling tries savings.

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