Diocese Speyer

map: Diocese Speyer
Bistum Speyer in Deutschland
base data
bishop: Dr. Anton Schlembach
bishop: Otto Georgens
Generalvikar: Peter Schappert
ore diocese: Bamberg
Dekanate: 10
Pfarreien: 348
surface: 5893 km ²
inhabitants: 1.400.000 (1. January 2003)
Catholic: 621,000
portion: 44%
address: Small one Pfaff lane 16
67346 Speyer
Website: www.bistum-speyer.de
E-Mail address:
Map: Church province Bamberg
Kirchenprovinz Bamberg in Deutschland
Speyer: The emperor cathedral
Speyerer Dom

the diocese Speyer (lat. Dioecesis Spirensis) is a Diözese of the Roman-catholic church. It lies in the south of the German Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate and covers additionally the Saarpfalz circle in the east of the Saarland.

The bishop seat is in the pfälzischen city Speyer on the Rhine. As a bishop officiates since 25. August 1983 Dr. Anton Schlembach.

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in the current form the diocese Speyer 1817 within the borders of the then Bavarian Rhine circle were established. In something other structure it belongs however to the oldest dioceses of Germany. 346 a bishop von Speyer is already mentioned for the first time documentary.

The former bishopsare to be taken from the list of the bishops from Speyer to.


diocese administration

the diocese led by

  • bishop Dr. Anton Schlembach (since 1983)
  • bishop Otto Georgens (since 1995)
  • Generalvikar Peter Schappert (since 2005)

diocese arrangement

thatDiocese Speyer is arranged into the following Dekanate, whose cut covers itself to a large extent with political arrangements (deviations only, where the Rhineland-Palatinian administrative reform (1969/1972) was not taken over by the diocese):

Dekanat city/district Dekan
bath Dürkheim city new city, districtBath Dürkheim minister Michael Janson, hate hole
thunder mountain thunder mountain circle minister Thomas burner, Gerbach
Germersheim district Germersheim Msgr. Minister Felix Hirsch, Bellheim
Kaiserslautern city Kaiserslautern, district Kaiserslautern minister Ewald Sunday, Kaiserslautern Erfenbach
Kusel district Kusel minister Rudolf Schlenkrich, Kusel
Landau city Landau, district southern crying race ministerKlaus Ambrust, Landau
Ludwigshafen city Ludwigshafen, city Frankenthal, northern part of the Rhine Pfalz circle minister Dr. Gerd Babelotzky, Ludwig work giant home
Pirmasens city Pirmasens, city two-bridges, district Südwestpfalz minister Rudolf Banzer, Pirmasens
Saarpfalz Saarpfalz circle minister Karl Josef lime tree man, pc. Ingbert
Speyer city Speyer, south part of the Rhine Pfalz circle minister Peter Nirmaier, Schifferstadt


BDKJ Diözesanverband Speyer
roof federation of the catholic youth federations in the diocese Speyer
KjG Diözesanverband Speyer
the KjG is in the diocese Speyer with scarcely 3,000 members of one of the large child and youth federations, who united in the BDKJ.
Young one Church Speyer
Pax Christi diocese place Speyer

culture and objects of interest



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