Björgvin Helgi Halldórsson

Björgvin Helgi Halldórsson (* 16. April 1951) is a well-known Icelandic Popsänger from Hafnarfjörður.

It made itself a name as a singer von Bands such as Bendix, Ævintýri, Flowers and Brimkló and is well-known for its professionalism.

Björgvin represented Iceland with the Grand Prix Eurovision de la chanson 1995, where he came at place 15.

Björgvin worked since the early period of the transmitter Stöð 2 for this as an announcer. It received gullna rödd Stöðvar 2 ( the golden voice from Stöð 2) to the pointed names.Its announcements in the radio have always the following form: “Farið ekki is enough því næst á dagskrá it…” (“Going it not far away. Next comes… “)

the singer is also famous for his arrogant remarks and comments. Some of it belong to the classical authors of the verbalExcessive quantity in Iceland. An example is the following answer, which gave Björgvin allegedly, when a Taxifahrer required his money (there is also the variation with a Pizzaboten): “Myndirðu rukka Elvis?” (“You would require money of Elvis? ”).

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