Björn riser donation

the emergency service donation Björn riser registered association. it made it's duty to accelerate the rescue chain clearly after accidents. It is designated after a child, who died in May 1969 after a heavy traffic accident on the way in the hospital, because it lasted to for a long time, until the task forces locally were. Parents of the had an accident child based thereupon still in the same year this donation.

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called some years ago the donation also the campaign fight heart death in the life, with which it goes around a surface covering equipment from Defibrillationsgeräten and for it trained citizens and citizens.

technical communication

many that today well-known call boxes at German motorways and freeways decrease/go back to this donation, also the today natural voice transmission in the emergency measures decrease/go back to an initiative of the donation.

The federally uniform emergency call numbers 110 and 112 are to be likewise due to the donation. 1969, when the donation was created, gave it only in individual large cities the two emergency call numbers. The Björn riser donation financed the 110/112 for all local area networks of the governmental district Nordwürttemberg and submitted complaint against the country Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Federal Republic of Germany. Due to its meeting of the Prime Ministers with the Federal Chancellor has to 23. Septembers 1973 the “emergency call 73” decided.

air rescue

of the air rescue offerers Germans is awake registered association. (DRF) as initiative of the Björn riser donation and explains a daughter of the donation developed.

land rescue

by the initiative of the Björn riser donation also many land rescue means were developed and introduced. To call are here above all:


also gave it the impact to the creation of national competencies in the emergency measures. A form often practiced by the donation is to motivate national places to improvements in the emergency measures the promise, to finance a third of the resulting costs over donation funds.

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