Blücher (shoe)

the Blücher is a classical gentleman half shoe basic model with an open Schnürung, whereby the shank parts which can be tied are sewn on the shank laterally as put on volumes.

To Blücher with Scotchgrain Oberleder and Strumrahmen (Grenson)
open Schnürung and the typically put on cover volume for the Schnürung of the Blücher

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the designation Blücher decreases/goes back on the Prussian general field marshal Gebhard liver-genuinly prince Blücher of choice place (1742 - 1819), which this shoe model (at that time still as boots) for its soldiers let make.


the one-piece shank basic cut with the laterally put on partpart parts (cover volumes) is characteristic of this shoe model. Originally the Blücher was also always a frame-sewn shoe with a Stormwelt (storm framework), in order to protect the shoe better from penetrating humidity. The shank parts, those the Schnürung to take up were captivated in former times for the same reason (weather resistance) or sewn on impact; today these pieces of leather are frequently simply only sewn on.

danger of mistake

inexperienced one confound the Blücher easily with the Derby, because both have an open Schnürung in such a way specified. Therefore however the Blücherschaftschnitt points no additional accomodation to the admission of the Schnürung and has also not the Derbybogen typical for the classical Derby, but consists, if one refrains from the two sewn on partpart parts, of only one plain length.

Since the model designation Blücher in the original with an umlaut is written, and this only in few languages admits is, the Blücher internationally also Blucher is called. In the United States of America one understands a shoe model with open Schnürung however often undifferentiatedly by a Blucher, thus both a Derby as well as a Blücher.


its origin is considered accordingly the Blücher as rather rustikales shoe model to the spare time. Accordingly the Blücher is offered frequently with Scotchgrain as upper leathers and with weatherproof (profile) rubber soles. No shoe model, which should be combined with business clothes, but that rather the Jeans or Cordhose as partners searches.


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