Flowering landscapes

the term flowering landscapes was the graphic vision of the German Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl as economic future prospect and/or. Promise for at that time „the new Lands of the Federal Republic so mentioned “.

Helmut Kohl used the term and. A. in its television speech for the introduction of the currency, restaurant andSocial union between the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany at the 1. July 1990. In the meantime the media call far regions of the former GDR economic quilt. There are however some areas, high speed regions so mentioned, those clearly more strongly industrialized and/or. are economically more successful: Optical industry over Jena, automotive manufacture around Leipzig, tourism at the Baltic Sea, semiconductor industry around Dresden.

After nature back-captured shut down industrial landscapes and marshalling yards, the term is understood ever more frequently in other sense, i.e. than symbol for the Deindustrialisierung of East Germany.


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