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Blekinge is a historical province (also „landscape “, Swedish land cape) in the south of Sweden at the Baltic Sea booked Hanöbukten.

In the today's administrative arrangement of Sweden the area corresponds to the province Blekinge län.

Largest city and capital of the province is Karlskrona, further important cities are Karlshamn, Ronneby, Sölvesborg and Olofström. In Kallinge with Ronneby are a military and a commercial airport. Blekinge has approx. 151,000 inhabitants.


Blekinge belonged until 1658 to Denmark and was long time delivering place of different battles between the Danish and the Swedish realm. Many cities and villages were geplündert or plundered. With the peace of Roskilde Blekinge as well as care went and resounding and at Sweden.

typical farmer yard of Blekinge

with the Swedish great power time experienced Blekinge its strongest bloom. 1680 were put on the naval port by Karlskrona and 10 year later were the place of Sweden third biggest city. The protected situation in the crowd yard ofBlekinge, where few defenses were sufficient for the protection of the place and contributed the presence of many oaks in the interior to the fact that the naval port straight was put on here. At the same time also Kalshamn developed, but existing places as Ronneby and Sölvesborgin their development were restrained. Karlshamn and Karlskrona lay close ones of the medieval commercial centres Lyckeby and Elleholm, which they replaced. In 18. Century lived a quarter of the population Blekinges in cities, which at this time unusually much was. Afterwards ranthe development of the province more slowly than in the rest of Sweden and agricultural ranges such as cultivation of fruit dominate again the economy.

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