Blois is the administrative seat of the Préfecture of the Départements Loir et Cher in France on the banks of the Loire between Orléans and route. The population of the city amounted 1999 to 51.832 inhabitants.

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the famous Château de Blois, a Château from the Renaissance, that once of king Ludwig inhabited, is in the city center. Further object of interest is from that the 18. Century coming stone bridge, which stretches itself over the Loire. Many stairs pull those throughCity, since it was established on several hills. In the west of the city is the Forêt de Blois. It reminds this very day of the large forests, which extended once in the region.


although the area already in the antique one, becomes Blois was settled for the first time by Gregor of route in 6. Century mentions. Meaning attained the settlement however only in 9. Century as it residence of the county of the same name became. 1196 kept it lent due to to counts Louis the city privileges; The counts of the Châtillon lineresided in Blois more frequently than their ancestors. The oldest parts of the Château (from that 13. Century) were built by him.1429 established to Johanna of Orleans in Blois the basis of its campaigns of the relief army, in order to release Orleans. After its shank in England took Karl ofOrleans 1440 residence in the Château, where 1462 its son, who was born after times Ludwig XII.. In 16. Century became Blois the holidays place of the French yard. The contracts of Blois, which interrupted Italian the wars only briefly, became here in the years between 1504 and 1505 signs.

Among the inhabitants of the city were once many Calvinisten. In the years 1562 and 1567 Blois became the scene of the fights between the trailers Calvins and those the catholic church. 1576 and 1588 selected Heinrich III., King of France, Blois asMeeting place of the army leaders out. 1588 led this to the murder of Heinrich, the duke de Guise, and its brother, Ludwig, the cardinal and archbishop of Reims in the Château, only short time followed later the death of the queen nut/mother, Katharina of Medici. From 1617 to 1619 lived Maria von Medici, Gattin king Heinrichs IV., in the exile in the Château, only short time later of king Ludwig XIII. to its brother gas clay/tone, which duke of Orleans, which lived there up to its death 1660.

With the end 17.Century went down the diocese Blois.1814 became Blois for a short time the seat of the regency of Marie Louise, the wife Napoleon I..

Blois became during 2. World war by the armed forces of 18. June 1940 occupies on. Release by those U.S. Army succeeded in the last two August weeks 1944. With the engagements the city had to let several days of the hail of bombs over itself be issued.

sons and daughters of the city

  • Philippe Ariès, French Mediävist and historian
  • Ludwig XII., King of France
  • Denis Papin, is considered to king of France and Anne
  • de Brittany Jean Eugène Robert Houdin, French Magier, which is honoured with its own museum, Maison de
  • la magic, as the inventors of the Schnellkochtopfes René de France, second daughter of Ludwig XII..
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coordinates: 47° 35 ' 38 " north, 1° 19 ' 41 " east


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