of these articles is concerned with the flower as part of a bloom plant. For further meanings, see flower (term clarifying).
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a flower marks colloquially either a decorative bloom, bloom conditions inclusive a part that Branch axle of usually krautiger plants or a decoratively flowering pot or garden plant. It serves decorating purposes, z. B. in the bouquet, flower ring or flower bundle.

Botanisch are to be separated the two terms flower and bloom clearly.

The bloom becomes as branch limited growth in the service of the sexual Vermehrung defined. The flower is the dust-biological unit of the bloom plants. So a flower can be compound from several blooms (for example the Körbchen of the basket bloom plants (Asteraceae), Kardengewächse (Dipsacaceae) or Eriocaulaceae, the Cyathien the wolf milk plants (Euphorbiaceae) or the boiler traps of the aero staff plants (Araceae)) or a bloom can consist of several flowers (for example sword lily plants (Iridaceae)). The bloom is thus a morphologic term, flower more ecological.

The largest flower of the world becomes of titanium-peppers (Amorphophallus titanum) in an educated manner and will over two meters highly, the largest bloom of the world becomes against it of a plant of the family of the Rafflesiengewächse (Rafflesiaceae) (Rafflesia arnoldi) in an educated manner and becomes about a meter wide.

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