Bob Luman

Bobby Glynn Luman (* 15. April 1937 in Nacogdoches, Texas, † 27. December 1978), US-American Country singer


of beginnings

that equally sport and music-inspired Luman stood briefly before a career than professional baseball player, when it visited a concert of at that time still unknown Elvis Presley. Deeply impressed of its, he decided Bühnenshow and the ekstatischen reaction of the recent public, to become even musicians. The profit of a talent competition made an appearance for it possible with the Louis IANA Hayride. It uses its chance and became soon regular guest of the Radioshow.

With different smaller labels unsuccessful Rockabilly Singles was brought in. Several times arose it on the television and even received a smaller Filmrolle.


although it in the music scene had been established, remained Luman the large break-through first failed. it received a contract offer of a baseball professional club to 1959. From a mood it announced during a concert that it had decided for a career as a baseball professional and from the music business would withdraw itself. Coincidentally the Everly Brothers was present and persuaded it to continue. They suggested to him taking up the Song Let's Think About Living. The single became unexpectedly one success. It sold itself over to millions times and platzierte themselves highly in the Country and Pop Charts.

Also the follow-up single The Great Snowman became hit. Bob Luman had created it, had been drawn in however shortly thereafter for two years to the military. It succeeded to it however to continue the career after its dismissal. Further Singles created it into the Top-20. Its largest success was 1972 Lonely Women Make Good Lovers. It oriented itself in music increasingly toward traditional Country music. In addition it arose regularly into the Grand oils Opry and on the television.

1975 it suffered a cardiac infarct and had several months in a hospital to spend. Its state of health remained unstable. To 27. December 1978 deceased to Bob Luman at the age of 41 years at the consequences of a pneumonia.

to Diskografie (albums)

  • 1960 - Let's Think About Livin'
  • 1965 - Bob Luman's Livin' Lovin' sound
  • 1968 - Ain't Got Time ton Unhappy
  • 1969 - Come on Home and sing The Blues ton of Daddy
  • quiet 1970 - Gettin' bake tons
  • of Norma 1971 - Is It Any Wonder That I Love
  • You 1971 - A chain Don't Take ton
  • of ME 1972 - When You Say
  • Love 1972 - Lonely Women Make Good
  • Lovers 1973 - Neither One OF
  • US 1974 - talk Cadillac & Black
  • Mustache 1974 - Loving You
  • 1976 - A Satisfied Mind



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