Bobby Charlton

Sir Robert “Bobby” Charlton (* 11. October 1937 in Ashington, Northumberland) is a former British football player

he was into the 1960ern one of the most important midfield players of Europe. and won three English Meistertitel, the WM-title and the European Cup.

It began its career as a young person with Preston North ends, changed however already as 14-Jähriger to Manchester United, where it got the league cup with the juniors several times.

it got its first English Meistertitel with Manchester United to 1957. Two further in the year 1965 and 1967 should follow.

Largest success was however the profit of the soccer world championship 1966 in the own country. Charlton played in the position of a hanging Mittelstürmers. In the final game against Germany the famous Wembley gate fell, which causes this very day wild discussions. The play ended finally to 4:2 for England. 1967 it, also because of its WM-plays, was gekürt to of Europe soccer player of the yearly.

It has also with 49 hits (with 106 employments) most gatesin the national team obtains.

After 752 plays with 247 gates for Manchester Charlton turned finally 1973 to its old association Preston North ends back. 1975 it terminated its active career and based and. A. a football school.

1994 it became ofthe British queen to the knight struck and since then „Sir may call itself “.

Its brother Jack Charlton played likewise football, when with Leeds United he played defenders also in the English national team and in the middle of the 1980er became known yearsas national coaches of Ireland.


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