Bobby therein

Bobby therein - civil Walden Robert Cassotto, (* 14. May 1936 in Bronx, New York; † 20. December 1973 in Los Angeles) was an US-American Popmusiker and actor.


conditions of the family Cassotto were something verworren. Its father had already died few months before Bobbys birth. For a long time Bobby, its grandmother believed would be its nut/mother, and only with thirty years it experienced that its alleged sister was actually its nut/mother. The grandmother, a former Varietésängerin, promoted the already early moving singing talent of her grandchild. Up to the twelfth Lebensjahr had to fight to Bobby however with rheumatischem fever and other heavy illnesses. Its life long it had to get along with weakened heart. Nevertheless it ranked among the most eager students to the Bronx High School OF Science, where it could be trained also at several music instruments and its created first volume. It left a science college already again after one year, because it pulled it now nevertheless with all power to the stage. Still it could decide not quite, whether it should become actors or singers, it tried themselves it with pronouncing on different Bühnenshows and nervte music publishers with own compositions. In this time he added himself also his artist name. It took the directory and tapped blindly on any name - therein.

Bobbys entrance into the music business carried out itself in the center of the fifties, when he made music in New Yorker coffee bear. The first single rose from its friendship with a disk producer - from publication „My roofridge Love “; meeting with the manager of Connie Francis, George cheque, help Bobby to attention exciting appearance in the Tommy Dorsey show and a following disk contract at the record company Decca. The unsuccessful entrance 1956 with the Coverversion of the Lonnie Donegan - title „skirt Iceland LINE “and further little considered plates followed 1958 with „Splish Splash “first large success. Darins ungwöhnliche voice help the Song, which he had composed within a half hour, world-wide to good Chartnotierungen. At this time „the thing Dongs was “the Begleitband of in it. Over their names developed a controversy between the disk companies Brunswick and Atco, which led to the result that the volume in „Rinky Dinks renamed itself “and signed therein a new contract with Atco record. In this time the produced title „Early in The Morning “became both with Brunswick (No. 55073) and with Atco (No. 6121) published.

With the Millionenseller „Queen OF The Hop “, which appeared in the autumn 1958, began Darins most successful phase, within which he brought four Top-10-Titel out in two years, among them its only Nummer-1-Hit „Mack The Knife “. Pikanterweise had advised therein thickly Clark to manager against to take up this Song from the three-groschen opera since the fans would be accustomed to the sound of skirt by in it. But this title, the plate of the yearly became and the Grammy received, help therein to the image of a respectable singer, and one placed it now on a stage with Frank Sinatra. With the following titles „Beyond The Sea “(La Mer) and „Clementine “it successfully continued this style.

From beginning of the sixties on therein also to the looking plaything and received much acknowledgment for its roles, so for example in the film „Come Septembers “, turned with whose turning work therein also his later Mrs. Sandra became acquainted with DTE. For the main role in the film „Captain Newman “he was nominated for the OSCAR and distinguished with that golden Globe. Altogether therein he played the film music and wrote five Titelsongs in thirteen films also, for two films composed. In the music business it drew the attention of with the lyric titles „Multiplication “and „to Things “further to itself. 1963 actually were in it in the Fussstapfen of Frank Sinatra. After its way course of the disk company Capitol took therein its place there as a superstar. Up to „You' RH The Reason I' m Living “at place three were missing however the large hits as in the past times.

With beginning disappeared to the Beat era first completely therein from the hit lists, but the sympathy for the Folkrock, arising since 1965 , brought it a new chance. With the Song „If I Were A Carpenter “returned to it now as a protest singer to the public. With its style change it demonstrated impressively its transformation ability. As good example of its new poetic and political adjustment in this time the published album may be considered „to fount Walden Robert Cassotto “. The years 1967 and 1968 brought in it heavy personal setbacks. After seven years duration became its marriage divorced, which at the same time meant the separation from its over all loved son. Deeply also the Ermordnung of Robert Kennedy , whose election campaign he had supported with, met it. Into it purged into a months-long depression.

For the end of the sixties concentrated therein on the pursuit of his business interests as music publisher and a disk producer. Outward he was noticed only by occasional television appearances, celebrated however 1970 again triumphs with a read Vegas - show. Because of a heart illness it had to submit, succumbed themselves to its suffering however in December 1973 in the Hollywood' s Cedars OF Lebanon hospital to several operations. There is no grave place for it, its body the UCLA research center was left. Darins death did not do any abort to its popularity, and so he taken up in the year 1990 to the skirt' n roll resound to OF Fame. To take up its successes taken as a composer in June 1999 to the cause, in it also into the Songwriter' s resound to OF Fame.

The film „Beyond the Sea “ [1] [2] from the year history tells 2004 of Bobby therein (represented of Kevin Spacey, also book and direction).


____ label publishes disk successes titles ____ Billboard - placement
Splish Splash 6,1958 Atco 3.
Queen OF The Hop 9,1958 Atco 9.
Dream Lover 4,1959 Atco 2.
Mack The Knife 8,1959 Atco 1.
Beyound The Sea 1,1960 Atco 6.
Won't You Come Home 5,1960 Atco 19.
Artificial Flowers 9,1960 Atco 20.
Lazy River 1,1961 Atco 14.
You Must Have Been A Beautiful baby 8,1961 Atco 5.
Irresistible You 12,1961 Atco 15.
Things 6,1962 Atco 3.
You're The Reason I'm Living 1,1963 Capitol 3.
18 Yellow Roses 4,1963 Capitol 10.
If I Were A Carpenter 9,1966 Capitol 8.

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