Bobby Driscoll

Bobby Driscoll (* 3. March 1937 in Iowa, † 30. March 1968 in New York town center; actually Robert Cletus Driscoll) was an US-American Filmschauspieler.

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the ascent

Bobby Driscoll was born 1937 in Cedar Rapids (Iowa, the USA). When it was six years old, its family pulled to California. A hairdresser, who cut the child the hair, was convinced, this nice boy had to the film. And a sample admission actually proved with MGM that the hairdresser had quite: Bobby got a role in “draws fishing rod” (“the lost angel”). Afterwards it went blow upon blow. The Filmbosse tore themselves around the small one, which was a As in the text learning and as an actor spontaneous and natural. It stood for Myrna Loy and Don Ameche with completely large star before the camera , under it.

As Bobby Driscoll 1946 for roll Disney Song OF the South (dt. Uncle Remus' miracle country was engaged), was he a first actor from meat and blood, whom Disney under contract took. The film over the old south proved in the feature year for Disney as gold pit. Also as he 1956 and 1972 into the rental business came again, brought he giant gains in. In the meantime Disney with Bobby Driscoll had turned further successful films, so that “1949 a “special OSCAR “ were lent to the outstanding juvenile actor”. Large success had it also 1950 as Jim Hawkins in of Disney filming of Robert Louis Stevensons Treasure Iceland (dt. The treasure island). 1953 borrowed Bobby Driscoll its voice of the figure Peter Pan, in addition the trick film Peter Pan with its face courses was after-drawn.

the descent

with puberty began nevertheless the inexorable descent. The nice boy from Iowa continued to increase, he got acne - and transformed by the “Everybody's darling” an aggressive halfstrong. Bobby Driscoll got only few roles offered, 1956 married the 19-jährige the Marilyn of the same age Brush. But the marriage, from which three children followed, developed to the disaster and ended finally in an ugly divorce.

1956 came to Bobby Driscoll completely on the inclined course. Because one accused heavy offenses to him against the drug law, he was arrested. It looked still good, “however” - its nut/mother said later - “the drug it had changed. He did not bathe no more, the teeth failed it. It had an extremely high intelligence quotient, but the drugs had gone to it on the brain. “

After Bobby Driscoll was not to be seen three years to no more on the canvas, dipped it 1958 in a cheap B-Programmfilm. But its career was already soon again terminated, because police officers discovered parting scars at Bobbys arms. As drug-addicted it finally landed behind lattices.

Driscoll should not recover from these low impacts no more. it stood for 1960 before court, because it had struck a man a Pistolenknauf on the head. One year after he came because of break-down into an animal hospital behind lattices, few months later it because of falsification of a stolen cheque and different drug passing was arrested and into the rehabilitation center of a national reformatory sent. Before Bobby had told the judge: “I had everything. Earned more than 50,000 dollar in the year, because I had always good roles. Then I began to sting everything into my arm. With seventeen I made the first experiences with drugs. Mostly with heroin, because I had the money, in order to be able to pay it. “

After its dismissal Driscoll went to the Treffpunk all June gravel to New York and drove themselves to the Lower East simmers around -. Bobby had developed in the meantime to a hardsimmered drug Freak, which each anschnorrte. To 30. Playing children in an abandoned house discovered March 1968 the corpse of a young man. Because with the dead one no document of identification was found, one took finger marks, afterwards the corpse on hard Iceland, to a field nearby the Bronx, in an arm grave was buried. Only one year after Bobbys death, when its nut/mother announced it as missed, was determined, whom it concerned with the corpse.

Filmografie (selection)

  • 1946 - Song OF the South (dt. Uncle Remus' miracle country) - as Johnny
  • 1948 - Melody Time (dt. Music, dance, rhythm) - as Bobby
  • 1949 - The Window (dt. The uncanny window) - as Tommy Woodry
  • 1949 - so Dear ton of My Heart (dt. Zum Verlieben) - „Jerry « Kincaid 1950 de champion d'Ein de Jérémie
  • d'als - prisez l'île (décollement. The treasure island) - as Jim Hawkins
  • 1952 - The Happy Time - as Bibi
  • 1953 - Peter Pan (dt. Peter Pans cheerful adventures) - Peter Pan
  • 1955 - The Scarlet Coat

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