Bobby Vinton

Stanley Robert Vintula junior, admits as Bobby Vinton (aka The polish Prince) (* 16. April 1935 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, the USA) is an US-American musician of Polish descent.

Bobbys father Stan Vinton was picking up vein of a local dance orchestra. Thus son learned clarinet to be play and already followed during its school time in his Fussstapfen and created a its own bends volume. With the incomes it financed its music study, while for which it made numerous further instruments learned and a conclusion in musical Composition.

1960 he received a disk contract for his orchestra over several photographs, which were however not particularly successful. He tried it last therefore with solo photographs and took the titles Roses of acres talks (My Love) and Mr. Lonely up, both calm, schmachtende dear songs, its brand name, why it is called also the Crooner of the early sixties.

Roses of acres talk 1962 as single one published and reached immediately place 1 in the USA. It sold itself over one million time and became also in England and Germany a Top-20-Hit, its only Charthit in Germany.

In the USA followed against it after hit other and 1963 had it with its internationally to well-known-test song Blue Velvet a second Nummer-1-Hit in the USA. 23 years later designated David lynch its film Blue Velvet after this Song. With There! I've Said It Again and Mr. Lonely, which came out 1964, it had two further Nummer-1-Hits and to 1969 followed four further Top-10-Hits and numerous further Chartplatzierungen.

Beginning of the 70's tried Bobby Vinton for a change as an actor and came to two Nebenrollen in the John Wayne films bends Jake and dirty gold.

it took My Melody OF Love on in a special version to 1974, in which it sang also on Polish: Its parents originated from Poland. The song became a kind hymn among the polnischstämmigen Americans and brought in for it the surname “a Polish prince”. In addition it was its third Millionenseller.

From 1975 to 1978 it was with a Musikvarieté transmission in the television very successfully before it 1979 in the Skandalreporterin again on the canvas came. The moreover one it has its own theatre in Branson, Missouri, the The Bobby Vinton Blue Velvet and is very successfully than entertainers on the way, z. B. in Vegas and Atlantic town center read.

1990 he was called again in memory, when Blue Velvet was used in Great Britain in a publicity film and thereupon in the Charts up to place 2 climbed. Thereupon also its Roses of acres talk in the film Goodfellas used. And 2005 reached the US singer Akon in Germany and Great Britain place 1 with the title Lonely, in which he a gepitchtes (in the pitch changed) SAM-polarize from Mr. Lonely uses.

Bobby Vinton is on the Hollywood mills OF Fame with a star perpetuated.

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