Boeing 767-300ER der schweizerischen Belair
Boeing 767-300ER of the Swiss Belair

Boeing (The Boeing company) is one the world-wide largest manufacturer of civilian and military airplanes and helicopters as well as of military and space technology.

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to history

already 1915 began engineer William Edward Boeing, Sohn of the German emigrant William Böing, in Seattle (US Federal State Washington) the work on a first „B&W “, together with its colleague George Conrad Westervelt. Asthis the cooperation at the project gave up, finished Boeing the first two B&Ws without its assistance. The foundation of a firm took place 1916 as Pacific aero Products company . 1917 were already renamed the enterprise in Boeing airplanes company. William Boeing had studied Yale at the universityand afterwards first in the wood working industry worked, where it acquired knowledge of wood structures, which would be useful it for its later activity in the aircraft construction. 1934 had become already very large its enterprise. Due to the legislation after the depression, to that-according to the large companies itself insmaller units to divide had, separated William Boeing from its company completely.

In the two world wars the aircraft manufacturer developed soon to one of the largest manufacturers of utilizable airplanes, bombers and military combat and monitoring airplanes. 1997 took over Boeing, which had in the meantime also many passenger airlines in the offerand likewise within the range space travel (space shuttle - technology and building of satellites) to a world enterprise developed, the aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas and the Aerospace unit of Rockwell International (Boeing North American).

In March 2001 Boeing communicated to give its company headquarters up in Seattle and to anotherTo change location. In the discussion were among other things Chicago, Denver or Dallas, whereby in the long run Chicago made a running. The production of airplanes remained untouched of it.

of Boeing crisis

in the last years the company had to accept some setbacks. By the crisisin air traffic and the terrorist attacks at the 11. September 2001 in the USA was not ready an airline, which fast to order but relatively uneconomic Sonic Cruiser. The competitor airbus won beyond that ever more market share. In addition it came that the company a large order on Lockheed Martin lost. The military aircraft X-32 developed by Boeing was rejected from US air Force. In addition NASA Boeing Schlamperei accused because of the Columbia - misfortune.

Ansicht der Boeing 787 in der endgültigen Form (Boeing House Colours / Foto: Boeing)
Opinion Boeing 787 in the final form (Boeing House Colours/photo: Boeing)

Boeing booked inFinancial year 2002 a conversion of 54.069 billion US Dollar with a profit of 0.492 billion dollar. 2002 produced Boeing of 381 airplanes, lie however no longer before airbus. World-wide Boeing employs approximately 160,000 coworkers in more than 70 countries.

2003 communicated the enterprise, the 757- To stop production at the end of of 2004 - since the terrorist attacks 2001 only 9 airplanes of this kind became ordered. Also the 767, in transatlantic air traffic in the last 20 years dominating been, from threatens because of demand lacking.

With the 787, the Dreamliner in such a way specified, triesBoeing to gain on the 250-Sitzer-Markt again a foothold. The Model is to replace with it the 757 and 767.

2005 communicated the enterprise, also the 717 - production at the end of of 2006 to adjust, as reason is indicated demand likewise lacking.

Recently Boeing explains the Point-to-Point, contrary to Stroke concept, as the air traffic model of the future. Therefore in the future smaller airplanes with large range were necessary.

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present Passagier-Flugzeuge

  • Boeing 717 (develops from McDonnell Douglas as MD-95; Production end of 2006)
  • Boeing 737 NG -600x, -700x, -800x,-900x (abbreviations: 736, 737, 738, 739)
  • Boeing 747 („jumbo jet “) -400, -400ER, -400F, -400ERF (abbreviation: 744)
  • Boeing 767 -200, -300ER, -400ER (abbreviations: 762, 763, 764)
  • Boeing 777 -200ER, -300, -300ER, -200LR (Wordliner) (abbreviations: 772, 773)
  • Boeing BBJ - BBJ, - BBJ 2, - BBJ 3

Planned civil aircraft

run out Passagier-Flugzeuge

military airplanes

beside weapon systems, rockets, helicopters (and. A. AH-64 Apache, RAH-66 Comanche)as well as monitoring and training course airplanes produces Boeing combat aircraft, fighters and bomber as well as tank and transport aircrafts.

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