Bohumil Kubista

Bohumil Kubista (* 21. August 1884 in Vlkovice, † 27. November 1918) was a Czech painter.

After the attendance of the six-form high school between 1896 and 1903 he visited the college of arts and crafts in Prague to 1905. To a study in Florenz in the years 1906 and 1907 he returned to Prague. There it participated for the first time in an exhibition. Afterwards it follows the group of “Osma” (“the eight”). A stay in Paris in the year 1910 the preparation follows on an exhibition of the group of the “independent ones” in Prague.

1911 visits the members of the artist combination “the bridgeErnst Ludwig Kirchner and Otto Mueller Bohumil Kubista in Prague. In the August of the same yearly Kubista of the “bridge” follows and participates 1912 in the exhibition of the special federation in Cologne and the new Secession in Berlin .

In the First World War it served among other things in Pula, Vienna, Jaromer, Ljubljana and the Slowakei. For war successes it was distinguished with the Leopoldsorden.

Bohumil Kubista died at the consequences of the Spanish flu.


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