Bohumil Markalous

Bohumil Markalous (alias Jaromír John) (* 16. April 1882 in Klatovy; † 24. April 1952 in Prague) was a Czech writer, journalist, university professor, Kunstästhetiker and - critics.

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Markalous visited the High School in Chrudim until 1900, began afterwards with the study of the natural sciences in Prague and Innsbruck. he taught 1910 at the material High School for girls in Hradec Králové. it had to engage 1915 and fought in the 1. World war on the Balkans. it got sick to 1916 in Albania at Ruhr, its legs. After the war it began 1919 as an editor during the people newspaper (Lidové noviny), joined later the writer federation Devětsil and the group 42 and wrote for the newspapers Bytová kultura (housing tradition) and Pestrý týden (varied week). 1923 to 1927 he taught culture history at the technical university in Brno and worked in the press department of the government.


is affected works its work by the modern trend. At the beginning it wrote Kurzgeschichten, late novels and novellas.


of novels and novellas

  • Listy z vojny, jež jsem psal synovi - 1917
  • U táborového ohně - 1917
  • Humoresky - 1918
  • Listy z novin
  • Tabatěrka
  • Večery well slamníku - 1920
  • Topičovo australské dobrodružství - 1939
  • advice for engaged ones, given by uncle Romuald (Rady snoubencům udílené strýcem Romualdem) - 1940, collection of recommendations for living together between man and woman, half seriously half with a winking.
  • The intelligent Engelbert (Moudrý Engelbert) - 1940 history over a Förster, which learned Sex to know too early.
  • Dořini milenci A jiné kratochvíle - 1942
  • Eskamotér Josef - 1946, a glazier tries to be able to nourish as bag players around its family.
  • Pampovánek - 1948
  • Stará láska
  • Rady mladšímu spisovateli
  • Šibalství svršků
  • Kapitán Sekvenc
  • Estet

technical literature

  • aesthetic training at the professional schools (Estetická výchova well školách obchodních)
  • principle TGM - over Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk
  • which is art (CO ever umění?)

child literature

see also list of Czech writers


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