Bolschoi theatre

the Bolschoi theatre

the Bolschoi theatre (soot. Большойтеатр - large theatre) in Moscow exists since the year 1776. At that time prince Peter Urussow received the exclusive right from the Zaren to specify in Moscow looking and Singspiele. The first actors were body-own of the prince. The performances took place first still in a private house, only in the year 1780 developed the building of theatres at the today's location. The building stands on Holzpfählen in a swampy part Muscovites of the center.

First the theatre was designated after the road Petrowsky theatre leading past. In 18. Century operas of Russian composers were specified predominantly, in addition, dramas and ballet. Since 1773 it is the homeland of the Bolschoi Balletts.

1805 burned the theatre building down and 20 years later by the architect Ossip Bowe (also Osip Bove) again were established. It received Bolschoi theatres only at that time to the names. To 18. January 1825 was again opened the new Bolschoi theatre with the pro log the triumph of the Musen to the music by Alexei Werstowski and Alexander Aljabjew.

1853 destroyed again a fire the interior arrangement of the theatre. Thereupon the Italian architect Alberto Cavos, son of the composer Catterino Cavos equipped, the building still more preciously. Until today up to smaller changes this mechanism remained. By its unusual architecture in the style of the Russian classicism the Bolschoi theatre belongs today to the most beautiful theatres of the world.

Auditorium of the Bolschoi theatre

an attendance of the Bolschoi theatre often belongs to the program of a Moscow tourist. Tickets for upper ranks are to be already gotten starting from approximately eight euro. Map dealers before the entrance sell the maps however to too far too expensive prices.

Today work there about 900 actors, dancer, singer and musician. Star are to be mostly found on tour in all world on the way and therefore rarely in Moscow. The Bolschoi theatre is today the homeland of one of the oldest and best ballet companies of the world, the world-famous Bolschoi ballet.

For a 30-monatige renovation of in the middle of 2005 to at the beginning of of 2008 is partly closed the Bolschoi theatre. The building became ramshackle, so that a fundamental renewal becomes necessary. According to estimations the renovation costs up to a half billion amount to euro.

During the schliessungszeit the first Riege of the Bolschoi theatre will go on expanded appearances in Russia and the GUS. At the end of of 2002 was taken as a substitute a new stage in enterprise, on which a part of the repertoire in the change time can be further-played.

The illustration of Bolschoi theatre was perpetuated even on a modern Russian coin (in silver).

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