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Boney M. an internationally successful Disco developed in Germany is - formation, which interprets and darbietet the English-language titles of its founder, author and producer franc Farian since 1976 with appearances.

The first Boney M. - single “DO You Wanna Bump”, on their Cover still no photoonly later the group arranged for the marketing to see was, floppte completely. The concept of a Showtruppe came up then however. After a first appearance in the television broadcast music shop followed the break-through quasi over night. The members of the quartet were beside the dancer Bobby Farrell the three Caribbean musical singers Marcia bar-save, to Liz Mitchell and Maizie Williams, which were only taken part at a later time in productions than singers.

The single “Daddy cool one” was 1976 the usually sold single in Germany and stood 12 week at the pointthe Charts. Boney M. altogether eight Nr.1-Hits in Germany had from 1976 to 1979. With the 1978er album “Nightflight ton of Venus”, whatever the only LP von Boney M. with quotation in the US-Charts was, succeeded the gradual break with the traditional sound of these CO toohit-like, very in-usual Pop. The title “Rivers OF Babylon” from this album was their altogether largest hit and stood full four months on place 1 of the German hit lists.

Although the music of Boney M. Sound of these CO and late hit-like Pop were, with which one normaleweise nonerequirementful texts expected, are nevertheless some the song texts of franc Farian and its memo external (and. A.Drafi of Germans) politically and concern themselves with serious topics. “Belfast” acts which effect the civil war on the children of this city of the Northern Ireland conflict and has; “Rivers OF Babylon” is the Vertonung of a Bible place and at the same time the argument with the slavery and suppression of the black ones. Also “Plantation Boy” concerns itself with the slavery of the black ones. “MA Baker”, “El Lute” and “Rasputin” are songs, which act of authentic humans.

For excitement the Coverfoto of the album provided“Love For of halls”, on that the members of Boney M. naked posieren. Bobby Farrell is dressed in nothing different one than a Halskette with shark fish tooth and a out silver Pailletten existing G-stringer. The three singers are appropriate for it naked to feet and are with enormous link chainsbound. Although for the 1970er years very generously, the LP covering became because of the naked photo by the federal inspection station for youth-endangering writings and censors and forbade not complained of of the FSK and/or. Already the Cover of the predecessor album “Take The Heat off ME” was for the time at that timevery daringly. Farrell regarded from the background with bright point underwear dressed and on the soil lying singers, who leave themselves - more or less coated by dry ice fog - intimately to together bevels and it the viewer, like it the picture in connection with the title of theAlbum to interpret would like.

Differently than with the scandal around the group likewise produced of Farian milli Vanilli, end of the 1980er years, became with Boney M. never a large secret made to really hear whose voices on the plates were. Vortänzer (and public favourite) BobbyFarrell was allowed to induce the lips on the stage only to Farians voice. Only Leadsängerin Liz Mitchell and Marcia bar-saved were present actually not only with photo but also with singing photographs in the Studio in Offenbach Bieber.

With that ebbs-tide of the these CO wave it became also quieter starting from 1981around Boney M. The increasing discontent Farrells with its role as non--singers led to its separating from the group. It was replaced by the Londoner singer Reggie Tsiboe, which was allowed to then sing also.

Only Boney M. dipped 1984. again into the Charts up: With Adaptionenthe Italian these CO hits “Kalimba De Luna” and the “Happy Song”. With latter hit suddenly also Bobby Farrell was again also from the portion. The last album “Eye thanks” was published even as Quintett, without however also only approximately to successes from the 70'stie to be able.

Today there - after various law cases - are several groups, which are under the name “Boney M.” on tour. Officially however only “Boney M. has. feat. Liz Mitchell " the right in addition.

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Diskografie (Singles)

  • baby DO You Wanna Bump (part I & II) , 1975
  • Daddy cool ones/NO Woman NO Cry, 1976
  • Sunny/New York town center, 1976
  • mA Baker /quietly I'm Sad, 1977
  • Got A one onmy Mind/Perfect (Liz Mitchell), 1977
  • Belfast /Plantation Boy, 1977
  • Rivers OF Babylon /Brown Girl in the ring, 1978
  • Rasputin /Painter one, 1978
  • Mary's Boy Child - Oh my lord/Dancing into the Streets, 1978
  • Hooray!Hooray! It's A Holi Holiday/Ribbons OF Blue, 1979
  • El Lute /Gotta Go Home, 1979
  • I'm fount again/Bahama mummy, 1979
  • I lake A Boat on the River/ My Friend Jack, 1980
  • Children OF of Paradise/ Gadda since Vida, 1980
  • Felicidad (Margherita)/strand, 1980
  • Malaika/Consuela Biaz, 1981
  • incoming goods Kill the World (Don't Kill the World)/Boonoonoonoos, 1981
  • Little Drummer Boy/Medley, 1981
  • Going bake west/The Carnival is over, 1982
  • Zion's Daughter/White Christmas, 1982
  • Jambo - Hakuna Matata (NO of problem)/African Moon, 1983
  • Somewhere in the World/exodus, 1984
  • Kalimba de Luna/Ten Thousend Lightyears, 1984
  • Happy Song/Schools out (with “Bobby Farell with the School Rebels”),1984
  • My Chérie Amour/SAM-polarizes town center, 1985
  • Young Free and single/Blue Beach, 1985
  • Daddy Cool´86 Recording/B.M. A Go-Go (Medley)
  • fear for fear for Lulu/Chica there Silva, 1986
  • Rivers OF Babylon (Remix)/Mary's Boy Child (Rmix), 1988
  • mega+mix, 1988
  • The buzzer mega mix, 1989
  • Malaika (Lambada Remix), 1989
  • Everybody Wants ton thanks like Josephine Baker /cluster Jammin´, 1989
  • Stories/Rumours (Instr.), 1990
  • Boney M. Mega+mix, 1992
  • Brown Girl into the ring(Remix), 1993
  • mA Baker (Remix´93), 1993
  • dad Chico/Time ton of Remember, 1994
  • mA Baker (Boney M. vs. Sash!), 1999
  • Sunny (Boney M. 2000), 2000
  • Daddy cool ones 2001, 2001

Diskografie (albums)

  • Take The Heat off ME, 1976
  • LoveFor of halls, 1977
  • Nightflight tons of Venus, 1978
  • Organization for economic cooperation and development to the OF Fantasy, 1979
  • The Magic OF Boney M. - 20 golden hits, 1980
  • Boonoonoonoos, 1981
  • Christmas album, 1981
  • 10,000 Light Years, 1984
  • Kalimba de Luna - 16 Happy Songs, 1984
  • Eye thanks, 1985
  • The Best OF 10 Years - 32 superhits, 1986
  • Greatest hit OF universe of Time - Remix´88
  • Greatest hit OF universe of Time, Vol. 2 - Remix´89
  • GOLD - 20 super hit, 1992
  • More GOLD, 1993
  • 20th Century hit (Boney M. 2000),to 1999

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