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of the Booker Prize is the most important British literary award. He will assign since 1969 to English-speaking authors from Great Britain , Ireland and the Commonwealth. The winner receives 50,000 Pound of Sterling. - In the year 2005 for the first time the again-created international becameBooker Prize lent (60,000 Pound), with which world-wide authors are distinguished, of which works into English were translated. This price is to be assigned every two years.

The price was originally lent by the British company Booker PLC. Since 2002 drawthe donation Booker Prize Foundation responsible for the assignment. Main sponsor is one Group PLC, why the official name one Booker Prize for Fiction respectable. One Booker internationally Prize reads.

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international radiant emittance

in the year 1992 in Russia for the first time the so-called Russian Booker price assigning,- completely modelled after the model of the Booker Prize referred to the Commonwealth - annually for the best novel new publication in Russian language one expenditure-praises.

economic meaning for the book market

by the high attention value of the price, itsAward live is transferred in the television, cuts Booker excellent one off already in the summer and only quite in the before-Christmas book market in all rule outstanding.


for the guarantee of high quality standards a comparatively complicated procedure is used. First becomes from thatBookerpreisstiftung an adviser again appoint, which has only the task, each year as determining Juroren as cures. In this adviser sit mandatorily: a representative of the writers, two publishers, a literature agent, a bookseller, a librarian as well asa moderator and a chairman from the donation. The Juroren selected among the opinion leaders of the literary critics, writers, literature scientists and personalities of the public life. Repeated nominating as a jury member remained over the years rather the exception as the rule.

with the Booker Prize distinguishing

Barry Unsworth: Sacred hunger, dt. “The slave ship”

winner of the Booker internationally Prize

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