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Two very different motorboats (Thailand)

a boat is a vehicle, which balances according to the Archimedean principle on the water, or as submarine accurately, (likewise according to the Archimedean principle), inone of the crew accurately definable depth in the water swims.

From rafts boats, like also ships , differ by the own drive. While a raft is only moved by the current of the water to have boats sails or engines, or becomes through Rudders and paddles propelled.

The trunk (hull) of a boat can be from wood , steel , plastic , GRP or concrete made, sometimes also from combinations o.a. Materials.

Boat travel on the Bodensee, 1494

boats know after their building method (wood boat, Life boat), its drive (motorboat, paddle boat, rowing boat, sailing boat), after its intended purpose (Fischerboot, houseboat, life raft, sport boat, speedboat, sump boat, amphibious vehicle), after its hydrodynamic characteristics (glider, half glider, restrictor) or also afterthe number of the trunks (1 = mono cladding, 2 = Katamaran, 3 = Trimaran) to be differentiated.

Another special form are hovercrafts, since they displace the water while driving neither, still on it slide. Instead they use an aerodynamic ground effect,as it is to be determined also with helicopters in the low-altitude flight and airplanes in very low-level flying.

A further special form are sump boats, which can slide not only on the water, but in the sumps also on the grasses.

Yacht “is in German nothing else as inother word for the older word “desire boat” and can designate both a sail, as well as an engine yacht. In German one changed over in addition, under a yacht above all larger and more luxuriöser equipped private boats and - sails to understand, which possess at least a continuous closed deck, whichfull standing height (scarce 6 foot or approximately 1.80 m) grants.

distinction between boat and ship

it gives three demarcations between boat and ship in German language:

Sailing boats before Sicily
  • sailing boat/ship: As sailing boat such are considered with at the most two sail-leading masts. Sailing boats orderover three and more sail-prominent masts. The sailing boat/ship demarcation is a “classical”, which applies world-wide in all languages and nations.
Rigid cladding Inflatable Boat (United States Navy)
  • war boat/ships of NATO - member states are defined as ships, if on board the permanent post (see. STAN) of a 1. Officeris intended. Also submarines or speedboats with first officer are without closer inspection, the term boat in the name, in accordance with which military definition thus war sails. If this permanent post is missing, it concerns a boat.
    Whether the permanent post of a first officer is intended, hangs only indirectly ofthe size of the vessel off, but particularly of the strength of the crew. So for example the German servicer is „Freiburg “despite its size after NATO definition a boat.
Boat travel into Japan, 19. Jh.
  • Boats and ships in civilian use:The border between boats and ships (not Seglern)in different countries and languages differently one pulls. In Germany over the fact that the ship greeting plant did not want to welcome Willkomm Höft at the Unterelbe each small punt as ship, in the middle of last century resulted that the demarcation is set with 500 BRT (gross register tons).Vehicles under 500 BRT are boats, those starting from 500 BRT are therefore considered as ships.
    Inland waterway crafts or trading vessels with less than 500 BRT are not designated nevertheless than within boats or trade of boats.
Distress life raft

in the distress rescue (e.g. DGzRS or US Coast Guard) becomes between Distress life rafts, which are usually used in offshore waters, and Seenotkreuzern (also Seenotrettungskreuzer or rescue cruisers) differentiated. The additive distress (rescue) is necessary, in order to differentiate these types from the internationally uniformly defined life rafts to.

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