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Borgward was from 1929 to 1961 a German car manufacturer with seat in Bremen, founder was Carl F. W. Borgward.

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the first vehicle was the Borgward lightning truck, a minimalistic transportation vehicle, which filled a market gap in the time of the world economic crisis. With the gained surplus, also from the production of the first passenger vehicle Goliath pioneer (1931), Borgward knew finally at the beginning of the 1930er - years the Hansa Lloyd automobile works with works in Bremen and Vareltake over. 1931/32 were the tricycle sedan pioneer the usually-produced person KFZ in Germany. 1937 could disburse Borgward its partner Tecklenburg and lead from now on the company alone. The expansion continued, and the produced vehicles continued to increase. This culminated 1938 in the newly built most modern autowork of Europe in Bremen - Sebaldsbrück as well as the vehicle Borgward Hansa 1700 and 2300 with six cylinder engine. Also in the truck - range was the company of one of the most important producers of Germany.

the Second World War

during the Second World War was Borgward main supplier for half-track vehicles, moreover armored infantry vehicles and tractors became produced. The 1938 opened at that time most modern work in Bremen in the Second World War were nearly completely destroyed.

post-war period


of the founders Carl Borgward developed after 1948 newly. Borgward had been before in war shank and used the time, oneto design completely new passenger car, the Borgward Hansa 1500. This was 1949 the first German reconstruction after the war and had differently than all competitors a pontoon body. Borgward had inferred suggestions for Design during the internment American automagazines. Truck production was running 1945 .

In order, Borgward the past company divided more raw material dispatchings to received 1949 in three private firms:

As very successful the Lloyd LP 300 proved. The Lloyd small car with imitation leather covering on the Sperrholzkarrosserie and two-stroke engine was in the market segment underneath VOLKSWAGEN beetles for a long time leading, in revised versions maintained ground the model row one decade long at the market. In the vernacular was calledthis best seller soon Leukoplastbomber. The moreover a Hansa of 1800 Diesels was available - nobody otherwise except Mercedes Benz offered a diesel engine in this class.

The enterprise produced the marks

  • Borgward,
  • Goliath,
  • Hansa (successor of the Goliath models starting from 1958) and
  • Lloyd (small car).

With Borgwardalso the first automatic transmission, a hydraulic fluid transmission in such a way specified, was developed in Germany. In the coming years Borgward the fourth largest became German car manufacturers of its time, end of the 1950er - years worked 20,000 humans in of Bremen the works. Also in automobile racing Borgward engaged itself.

Work on []

Using and military vehicles

Borgward truck

during the passenger cars von Borgward, Lloyd, to see Goliath and Hansa this very day at many old timer meetings are, are less well-known the role of Borgwards as commercial motor vehicle manufacturers. Also after the war Borgward became an important producer of small transporters and truck.Beside the classical hood vehicles from 1957 to 1961 also modern Frontlenker were produced. The diesel engines serving for the drive originated from own manufacturing. The chassis were used by other manufacturers also for the setting up by penalties. As best sellers proved also tricycle transporter, those under the name Goliathwere driven out. Borgward manufactured also after the Second World War military vehicles. Admits became in particular the Borgward B2000 A/O, which belonged to nine-seat he starting from 1956 as jeep to the first motor vehicle equipment of the German Federal Armed Forces.

large Borgward, Isabella, P 100, Arabella

of the Borgward Hansa 2400, the “large Borgward”, was built from 1952 to 1958. It became due to its numerous technical lack a failure.

Borgward Isabella TS Deluxe

largest sales impact in the middle class became the 1954 presented Borgward Isabella (60 HP, 150 km/h, 1,500 cm ³ capacity), overOne built for 200.000 times. Borgwards draft met the spirit of the time, which wished American-elegant alignment and rich chrome decoration when European compact dimensions. As TS-version with 75 HP the Isabella reached road performances of the sports cars at that time. The Isabella was in particular as Coupé one of the German dream cars of the restaurant miracle time absolutely, howeverit had to fight with numerous teething troubles; only three years after beginning of series it was considered as matured. She was built until 1961.

The boss contributed the organization of nearly all automodels in detail. Further models were below the Isabella the Arabella and the Alexander as well asin the upper class of the P 100, the first German passenger car with pneumatic cushioning. As the Arabella in the start time under substantial lack of quality, which ruined the image of the mark finally, suffered many other Borgward models. Borgwards financial cover had become meanwhile so thin that he it itselfno more not to carry out could to test the vehicles before commencement of production extensively on heart and kidneys. The vehicles stood to hundreds on waste dump.


in addition to the vehicle business tried Borgward in co-operation with Henrich Focke starting from 1956 also in the building of helicopters. Itonly one copy was made, but this main header starting from 1958 actually off. The helicopter received the name hummingbird. The economic problems of the Borgward works and the following bankruptcy prevented a series production.


1961 had Borgward under to today clearly not clarifiedCircumstances announce bankruptcy. It was with causal that the company owner frittered away too much in his model politics. In addition it came that Carl F. W. Borgward a highly gifted engineer was, in commercial questions however less was been versed and as Firmenpatriarch unfortunately also than consultingresistant proven.

1960wurde ruchbar, dass sich Borgward nur noch mit Millionenkrediten aus öffentlicher Hand über Wasser halten würde. For the winter calm air 1960/61 Borgward requested further monthly credits of 10 millions with the senate each DM. At the end of January wanted the press detail of the Deals to know; under pressure the turned outSenate released no more funds for February 1961.

To 4. February 1961 came it in such a way to one of the most spectacular insolvencies of German restaurant history. The country Bremen closed Borgward a credit already assured and transferred the Borgward works into a corporation. This AG belonged to 100one refused from now on the entrance to the factories to % the country Bremen, Carl Borgward. The ordered chartered accoutant, Johannes Semler, was given time off briefly by the Konkurrenzfirma BMW, in order to complete the thing for of Bremen the senate. Being present the insolvent one becomes from its trailers today still, there some years were not recognized were satisfied later all creditors, only Carl Borgward were not compensated.

The bankruptcy shook at that time still recent republic, it as beginning of the end of the Wirtschaftswunders was seen additional. Up to then it was practically inconceivable in Germany that it afterthe economic upswing of the 1950er - years also again downhill to go would know. For the city Bremen was more traditionally of Bremen the end of Borgward the beginning of a whole series of Pleiten enterprises with the loss of thousands of jobs (for example AG Weser, of Bremen volcano, Nordmende, Hansa railroad car).

after the bankruptcy

Carl F. W. Borgward outlived its company only by two years, it died 1963. A group of investors bought the machines and the rights to 1964, and built in the years 1967 to 1970 the Borgward P 100 in Mexico after.

The work in Sebaldsbrück was taken over of the hannoverschen Hanomag, which produced there in the subsequent years small transporters, light trucks and construction machines. After the assumption of the Hanomag Henschel by Daimler Benz the work got 1971 again a new owner andheard today to DaimlerChrysler.

The work in Osterholz Scharmbeck took over 1962 bus-sings from Braunschweig, in order to manufacture to 1969 the jeep for the Federal Border Police there further. Bus-sing finally sold the work at Faun.

Wiedergeburt of the mark Borgward

Christian Borgward, inGrandchild by Carl F. W. Borgward, would like to revive the mark Borgward together with experienced partners. The Design, production and marketing already are in plan.

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