Boris blank (ice hockey player)

Boris blank (* 10. July 1978 in Karanga, Kazakhstan) is a German ice hockey player (Flügelstürmer). It plays with the Krefeld penguins in the highest German league.


its ice hockey training it received in the former Soviet Union and in the year 1996, at the age from 18 years, came it to Germany over with the EC Wilhelmshaven Stickhausen in the first league north in a professional cadre to stand for the first time.

To the next season 1997/98 changed first for one year to the Hanover Turtles in the same league. In 50 employments it reached good 10 gates and 24 points at 66 punishing minutes. Thus it changed back to Wilhelmshaven and was promoted to an absolute Topspieler. In 46 plays of the season 1998/99 it, now 20-year old, could obtain straight whole 26 gates and 49 points. Due to its it became licensed in the summer 1999 of the mosquitoes meals as promotion license players for Wilhelmshaven.

With the mosquitoes he still came in 11 employments of the regular season on no points, 2 punishing minutes and - 3. But in the descent round it could already show a its being able on high level. In 7 employments it obtained its first DEL - hits and four Assists. But it played the main part of the season predominantly in Wilhelmshaven. It could reach one point per play in 40 plays with 19 gates and 39 points again almost. In the season 2000/01 he was used again without exception in the class-deeper league. Here it in 47 plays whole 25 gates and 58 points. This meant its final break-through.

The polar bears Berlin got it, together with Eduard Lewandowski, to the Spree and gave to it the chance, in the highest German play class finally to prove itself. He was used into 59 portions of the citizens of Berlin and could convince thereby with 3 gates and 12 points. By its strong defensive work he came on a statistics of +7. In the season it brought it to 2002/03 due to injuries on only 37 employments. Nevertheless however it could obtain 7 gates and reach 17 points.

At this point the call of the coach of the national team at that time Hans Zach reached it. The coach of the Cologne sharks got it to the Rhine and he continued its career after the ice hockey world championship 2003 in the cathedral city. Here however it did not get along in the long run in the defensive system of the former national coach. Into both Cologne years came he into 84 portions on only 8 gates and 23 points. A balance, which does not correspond to its abilities actually. And like that both sides with the situation were dissatisfied and one built themselves up and dissolved the contract.

The Krefeld of penguins hesitated not and came closer at the powerful right contactors. How good the decision was, there it proves itself mostly with the side of Alexander Seliwanow with much energy , defensive work in the current season, and good offensive accents absolutely too convinces.

For the German ice hockey national team it denied different international matches, so for example also with the ice hockey world championship 2002 in Sweden, when it could obtain 3 gates in 7 plays.

Its cousin Sachar blank is likewise ice hockey player (eagle Mannheim).

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