Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund
Vereinsemblem des BVB
full name BV Borussia 09 registered association. Dortmund
pointed name (n) BVB, BVB 09
based 19. December 1909
stadium signal Iduna park
(former Westphalia stadium)
places 81,264
president pure hard robbery universe
coach Bert van Marwijk
address Rhine land dam 207-209
44139 Dortmund
Tel.: +49,231 9020-0
fax:+49,231 9020-105
league soccer federal league
season 2004/05 7. Place
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Erstligapositionen des BVB am Saisonende
Erstligapositionen of the BVB at the season end

of Borussia Dortmund is the most well-known Dortmunder Sportverein, especially admits by its football department. Besides the association has still hand ball - and a table tennis department. Additionallyto these sporty departments there is a equal fan department , which represents the interests of the trailers of the association since at the end of 2004 also. The official name reads ball play association Borussia 1909 registered association. Dortmund and frequently shortened with BVB or BVB 09. The sixfold German football masterare one of the prominent associations of the federal league and an institution of the Ruhr district and Westphalia.

Table of contents

sporty successes

within the range football:

beyond that the A-juniors of the association five times German master (1994 - 1998 ) became, the B-juniors four times (1993, 1996, 1998 and 2005).

Within the range woman hand ball:

  • DHB - Cup winner (1): 1997
  • DHB Pokalfinalist (2): 1994, 1998
  • EHF Pokalfinalist (1): 1997
  • Challenge Cup winners (1): 2003


  • As a first German crew at all Borussia Dortmund was distinguished 1957 with the honour crew of the yearly.


establishment and rapid ascent

In November 1901 the catholic of young man was created sodalität „Dreifaltigkeit “ in the Dortmunder northeast. The members were to a large extent young steel workers and miners and worked first sportily when doing gymnastics and in the Leichtathletik. But became at the latest since 1906 on the white meadow also regularlyFootball easily. In the same year Kaplan becomes stroke ore Dewald of chairmen of the Jünglingssodalität and uses themselves energetically against „raw and wild driving “. Thus it set an additional service on Sunday afternoon, for the play day.

At the fourth Advent, that 19. Decembers 1909, metover 40 members of the Sodalität in a secondary room of the pub „to the game contactor “in the Österholzstrasse (nearby the boron IGP rubber strip), in order to advise over the establishment of an association independent of the church. Kaplan Dewald experienced from this meeting and tried the establishment of the association to prevent.However by force the admission was refused to it. Nevertheless on it a whole number of the meeting members again and it remained only the 18 association founders Franz and Paul Braun, Heinrich Cleve, Hans Debest, Paul Dziendzielle, Franz, Julius and Wilhelm Jacobi, Hans's punt, jumped off Gustav Mueller, FranzTears, Fritz trained, Hans's filter old, August ton man, Heinrich and Robert Unger, Fritz weber as well as Franz Wendt remaining.

Since the establishment ran off spontaneously and unprepared, there were also no considerations for a name. The additive „Borussia “was selected, there it itself around the name inGame contactor of poured out beer of the Borussia brewery acted, which had its seat nearby the boron IGP rubber strip (today location of the Dortmunder Actien brewery). Thus the association received thus, the name choice to the names of the favourite beer of the founders is therefore not as conscious expression of a national pride to understand (Borussia is the lateinisierte name for Prussia).

After Kaplan Dewald accused the Borussia members in the fair in the holy evening of splitting the Dreifaltigkeitsgemeinde and excluded it from the Sodalität, left some the initial members the association again, the association remained however existing. The first chairman of the associationbecame Heinrich Unger, which already withdrew in the middle of 1910 from this office. After a sechswöchigen Intermezzo of Franz it Franz Jacobi, which led the association until 1923 , followed tears. Exactly the ten-year anniversary of the BVB, there they did not experience half of the 18 association founders in The First World War died.

To 19. June 1910 was taken up the Leichtathletikabteilung by Borussia Dortmund to the West German play federation (WSV). At the 3. December followed also the football department. The first regular play found 15. January 1911 against the VfB Dortmund instead of and was won 9:3. The officialPlay clothes consist at this time of a blue-white touched shirt with a red Schärpe and black trousers. The first championship play denied the Borussia to 10. September 1911 in Castrop Rauxel against the football crew play department of the Turnerbundes Rauxel and was won likewise, this time with 1:0.

The associationstarted in the lowest play class (C-class), reserved there however immediately the first seat and rose thus in UC-lets up, where one reached the third place in the season 1911/12. Since at this time the WSV imposed a photograph stop, the associations closed Rhenania, Britannia and German flag of the Borussia on. For this reason the BVB changed to 14. February 1913 the association colors. The shirt was now lemon yellow with a black „B “on it. In the season 1913/14 Borussia Dortmund rose for the first time in association history into those at that timehighest play class, AClets up. Since the season 1914/15 had to be broken off because of the First World War, the Borussia could not continue their successes first. However friendship games took place in favor of the red cross.

Development during the Weimar Republic

only in the season 1918/19 played BorussiaDortmund again in the highest class also. One registered oneself 1919 into the register of associations . There one played 1919/20 the new highest class , which was introduced district class, now only second-class.

In the year 1923 Franz Jacobi withdrew as a chairman of the association . 1924 the white meadow, the venue at that time of the soccer games, was removed. In the year 1926 the BVB won the vice-championship in the 2. District class and ascended thereby again into the highest play class. One could hold oneself however not for a long time there and had after the lostDeciding match against Langendreer 04 (1: 3 after extension) again back into the second-classness.

The BVB to the time of the national socialism

under the rule of the national socialists was introduced in the 30's as the highest play class the gau league in such a way specified. Sportily the BVB had now a successful time.In the season 1935/36 one ascended into the gau league Westphalia, the then highest possible play class. At the same time the first professional coach of the Borussen was employed, Fritz Thelen. Borussia Dortmund developed to one of the best football crews of Germany, which particularly by the first national player of the Borussen, August spring, became possible. For the building of the Hoeschparks by the realm work service the BVB the stadium white meadow and the pertinent association area was expropriated by the city Dortmund (those no as large solidarity with the association showed at that time as nowadays) remunerationless. Therefore that hadAssociation in the year 1937 into the stadium red one earth (at that time: „Combat course red one earth “) into the civil south of Dortmund move. In the Tschammerpokal, the forerunner of the DFB cup, one reached the quarter final (3 in the same year: 4 against sports association forest yard Mannheim). In the years following on itbecame the BVB several times vice-master (1938 and 1942). The A-youth of the BVB won the Westphalia championship and the West German championship in year 1939.

1940 to 1950 - weight times and successful new beginning

the profit of the vice-championship 1942 rang a sportily relatively successful decade forBorussia Dortmund, however of 2. World war and the dictatorship of the 3. Richly further one overshadowed. The Dortmunder north city coined/shaped by Social Democrats, communists and Polish immigrants was a center of the anti-fascists in Dortmund. This met with also its response in deep in thisQuarter verwurzelten BVB. Like that a number of active club members in the resistance against the national socialists and used thereby also the infrastructure of the association, for example the printing machines were active for the duplication of handbills. This courageous employment paid a number of these active Borussen with their life, among other things Heinrich Czerkus - association-wait the stadium and the association plants up to their expropriation - or Franz Hippler - chairmen of the hand ball department of the association. Both were murdered still at the Karfreitag 1945 of the Gestapo (memorial bitter Mark). After the war the reconstruction of the association began.Many associations in Germany were practically destroyed by the loss of many players. Also the BVB had to free itself from confusions of the time at that time and obtain first a readmission. But in August 1945 on red earth again football was already played.

One the most importantSuccesses for Borussia Dortmund in the 40's was the profit of the Westphalia championship 1947 against the fiber plastic Schalke 04, which one secured oneself in the final game in Herne with 3:2. This victory went as the turn in the west into the football history of the Ruhr district and West Germany, since for many decades the association Schalke the football haven in the district controlled and the BVB transferred the guidance after this historical victory from now on to Ruhr district and West German football. In addition, the championships in the seasons 1947/48 and 1948/49 in the new upper league west were highlightsin association history. In the year 1949 the BVB stood for the first time in the final game around the German championship against the VfR Mannheim, which was lost however with 3:2 (after extension).

1950 to 1960 - two times of German masters

after one itself 1949/50 for the third time inFollow the west championship secured had, the Borussia in the round of the last sixteen met again around the German championship on the VfR Mannheim. This play lost the BVB however again, this time with 1:3.

The success of the 40's continued however in the 50's. In the season1952/53 succeeded the profit of the fourth title in the upper league west.

In the year 1954 the soccer world championship took place in Switzerland. The German national team, among which also the BVB Torwart Heinrich Kwiatkowski ranked, got itself surprisingly the title.

With Borussia Dortmund ran the season 1955/56just as successfully as the previous. One won the fifth west championship, after which the renewed introduction followed in the final around the German championship. The BVB defeated the Karlsruher sports club with 4:2 and became for the first time German master. In the year 1957 Borussia Dortmund with that defendedresembles list as in the previous year the German championship with a 4:1 against that Hamburg sports association, after one had itself those to date sixth west championship secured.

1960 to 1970 - federal league and European Cup

1960/61 one lost the final around the German championship against the 1.Fiber plastic Nuremberg with 0:3. In the last year before the introduction of the federal league, 1963, the BVB won the German championship with a 3:1 for the third time against the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne. One could not win the DFB cup despite first reaching of the final.Borussia Dortmund terminated the era of the upper league west as the most successful association in the entire history of this class.

After that the start of the new federal league in the season 1963/64, initial member was naturally the acting German master Borussia Dortmund, belonged the association to the favorites on thatTitle. At the end it was enough however only for the 4. Place. In the European Cup of the national masters, for which one had qualified oneself one season in former times, the BVB in the semi-final arrived, after one had defeated the favorite Benfica Lisbon a round before 5:0.

1965reached Borussia Dortmund for the second time the final of the DFB cup and struck Alemannia Aachen with 2:0. Also in the European Cup of the Cup winners it created the BVB 1966 in the final. Here one met on the favorite fiber plastic Liverpool, which one defeated with 2:1 (after extension).This was the first European cup victory of a German crew. In the federal league it was enough despite double load to the vice-master.

1970 to 1980 - descent, new stadium, reclimb

the end of the decade meant the end of the federal league affiliation for Borussia Dortmund also. Since stop in the crew prevailed,1972, 36 years after the ascent into the highest play class, the descent followed into the regional league west.

In the year 1974, when in Germany the soccer world championship took place, the BVB got also a new stadium, the Westphalia stadium. In the course of the years it always becamefurther developed and so the capacity increases clearly.

The second-classness escaped one in the season 1975/76. This succeeded with rank two in the new double-railed 2. Federal league and victories in the final divorce plays around the ascent against the crew of the 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg (1: 0 and 3:2).In the first year of the renewed federal league affiliation the BVB achieved safe respected rank. By the new stadium it came to a spectator boom without-same. Over 40.000 humans the Heimspiele of the Borussia wanted to see on average. Not even Schalke (as vice-masters in this season and a stadium,over 15.000 humans the more seized than the Westphalia stadium) could to the spectator numbers of the Borussia approach. The master from Moenchengladbach had even only about half as many spectators as the BVB.

1980 to 1990 - debts, driving downhill - Cup winner

in the 80's could thatBVB to successes of the last decades do not tie. One got the coach Udo Lattek to 1980, with which one would have created 1980/81 nearly the UEFA cup qualification, but the hoped for titles were missing for the time being. After Lattek began besides a phase of constant coach changes, there into that5 years between spring 1981 and spring 1986 ten different training supervisors with the association were active! The consequence was accompanied sporty driving downhill, by financial Eskapaden, which brought the association to the edge of the Zahlungsunfähigkkeit: The association was also to blame for itself over 8 million DM. Consequentlyappointed the district court Dortmund to 23. October 1984 an emergency executive committee. President became Dr. Pure hard robbery universe. As a vice-president it Dr. became. Gerd Niebaum posed to the side, which 1986 took over the office of the president. It remained sporty while driving downhill. one could do 1984/85 itself stillon the 14. Place save. In the season following on it it went however into the Relegation. Against Fortuna Cologne had the Borussia three times to begin. The first leg was lost 2:0. In the replay one triumphed to 3:1 and obtained such a further play. Necessary thirdPlay could decide Borussia Dortmund with 8:0 in the Düsseldorfer Rhine stadium for itself and prevent so a second descent from the federal league after 1972. More than 30,000 Borussen accompanied at that time their association to this fate play in the Rhine stadium.

End of the 80's again more successfully ran it. Inthe season 1986/87 one reached place 4 and thus the participation in the UEFA cup. In the DFB cup one came 1989 in the final and defeated Werder Bremen with 4:1. The first title for 23 years and the second DFB cup victory for the BVB were perfect at the same time. More than40,000 BVB fans accompanied their Borussia to Berlin in (with 76.000 spectators sold off) the olympia stadium - a German soccer association was supported never before with a cup final by such many fans. One quarter million inspired humans received the crew on the next day in Dortmund.

1990 to 2000- Hitzfeld, the Meistermacher

after the lean 80's were the 90's for the BVB very successful decade, whatever possessed however apart from its heights depths.

The 90's was coined/shaped particularly by the large plays against Juventus Turin (UEFA - Cups1992/1993 - Final and 1994/1995 - semi-final, champion League 1996/1997 - final) and the two championships 1994/95 and 1995/96.

1991 were obligated at that time the Ottmar Hitzfeld relatively unknown in Germany by the grass hopper club Zurich, which as genuine luck grasp for the Borussia should turn out. Already inits first season 1991/92 one was very close to success, the Meistertitel became only on the last play day playful. 30,000 BVB fans received the crew of the Borussia at the Dortmunder city hall nevertheless on the subsequent day. In the UEFA cup one did not come also as far as for a long time any longer.1993 reached BorussiaDortmund the final, was subject however with 3:0 and 3:1 to the favorite Juventus Turin.

But success should not be missing. 1995 were called the German master again BVB. In an exciting season one secured oneself the title before Werder Bremen. The first Meistertitel of the BVB afterDid not remain for 32 years without consequences: According to police data and respectable medium estimations on the day after the title gain approximately around the receipt of the master crew at the Dortmunder more than 500,000 BVB fans the German master BVB in the roads and at the places of Dortmund celebrated city hall. Also in thatwhereupon Borussia Dortmund the upper hand kept the following season 1995/96. There were some setbacks by many injuries, but finally the BVB 1996 the up to then fifth master bowl got itself.

Also on European stage the Borussen was successful: 1997 one reached the final of the champions League.In the play against Juventus Turin one could by a 3:1 the desired Trophäe secure oneself. Although the UEFA was considered for this day obviously mainly on it, sponsors and VIPs with maps to supply (the BVB and Juventus got in each case 17,200 maps, which of the BVB fansas clearly too little), were nevertheless 25,000 BVB fans were evaluated present at this final in the sold off Munich olympia stadium. In the same year one won also the world cup by a 2:0 against Cruzeiro Belo of horizons.

To large successes however paging came. The coach of many yearsOttmar Hitzfeld left the association, the stadium developed and also the cadre continued to change. Beside many older service providers, which left the crew, also many beginners came, from whom however only few turned out as service providers. Thus it went constantly downhill. The season 1999/2000was the inglorious Tiefpunkt of driving downhill. Only by the experienced coach Udo Lattek escaped the BVB the descent from the federal league.

Starting from 2000 - Stock exchange course, championship and economic crisis

in the last years gave it in Dortmund a further paging. To 28. November 1999 the meeting of the members decided separating the license player department into the Borussia Dortmund GmbH & cost. KGaA. As a first member of the soccer federal league Borussia Dortmund went to 31. October 2000 to the stock exchange. The bond issuing price of the BVB share was at that time with 11 euro. One platzierte 13.5 million shares at the stock exchange,one emissions proceeds of 165 million euro brought.

From 2000 to 2004 the former success player was Matthias Sammer coach. A large part of the incomes from the stock exchange course was put into the armament of the crew. Players came such as Tomáš Rosický, January vest, Marcio Amoroso, Ewerthon and Evanilson .

2002 became Borussia Dortmund surprisingly the sixth time of German masters before Bavarian Leverkusen, that on the last three play days still another guidance of point of five playful.

In the same season the BVB reached the UEFA cup final, where one Feyenoord Rotterdam scarcely also2:3 was subject. Before by a Galavorstellung the AC Milan with 4:0 in the first leg of the Halbfinals in Dortmund was switched off.

The years starting from 2002 became however far less successful. In the season 2002/03 the BVB already separated in the champions League Zwischenrunde. One year laterthe association already failed in the championsleague qualification and reached thereby „only “the UEFA cup, from which one in addition, already in the 2. Round separated. In the season 2003/04 the association even missed a qualification for the UEFA cup.

By the last failures the association suffers undersubstantial financial loads. However in the financial year 2003/04 the KGaA gained a minus of over 60 million euro, the debt conditions increased to over 118 million euro. Consequently the KGaA saw itself forced to deliver expensive players (under it also service providers such as Torsten Frings). Critics throw to thatAssociation guidance unprofessionelles acting forwards; the association destroyed both millions from the stock exchange course and the incomes from the sales of the Westphalia stadium „“.

In the meantime the quotation of the BVB share is the far under bond issuing price. The crisis led to retires to the responsible person around the president of many years Gerd Niebaumand that likewise since over ten years officiating manager Michael Meier. At least the license for the season 2005/06 is secured after a financial force act. The BVB pulled 7 after a turbulent season 2004/2005 with that. Place and 55 points in the UI-Cup, whichwith a final victory to the participation in the first round of the UEFA Cups would have entitled. After one sportily frightening weak Hinrunde completed the crew the most successful back round in the BVB Bundesligageschichte.

The season 2005/2006 Swiss national player Philipp sword as new purchases that, which of the fiber plastic Basel, becamereplace-free to it, the Dutch Torwart Dennis Gentenaar (replace-free of NEC Nijmegen) came, that from the LR awls coming goal keepers Bernd Meier and the South African Delron Buckley of Arminia Bielefeld presented.

The season successfully did not begin however, because one failed already in UI CUP because of Sigmar Olmucand could not participate thus in the Uefa Cup. Likewise one did not lose cup successfully in the DFB with the secondary lyingist unity Braunschweig and the first federal league plays likewise ran there, applied for Bert van Marwijk as Top candidate to a coach dismissal. But the BVB created the upswing and could in the upper table half sat down firmly and the contact to the Uefa Cup places keep.

But despite successes the further sellout threatens the BVB, then the rumors consolidate themselves again and again around Toma Rosicky that it changes. As possible replacement for Rosickyobligated the blackyellow the South African Steven Pienaar of Ajax Amsterdam, which in the summer 2006 come to Dortmund. For the next season the obligation of Martin Amedick (replace-free of unity Braunschweig) is already certain.

Since that 7. March 2006 is certain that the leotard sponsor starting from thatSeason 2006/07 RISE UP will be. The contract secures geschätze 7 millions for the BVB Euro per year too, contract running time are first two years.

Player and coach

of current federal league cadres

Dennis Gentenaar, Bernd Meier, novel Weidenfeller
Markus Brzenska, Philipp sword, Uwe Hünemeier, Sebastian Kehl, Christoph Metzelder, Sascha Rammel, Christian Wörns
centre zone
Nizamettin Çalışkan, Dédé, Salvatore Gambino, Florian Kringe, Mark André Kruska, Lars Ricken, Tomáš Rosický, Nuri Şahin, Sebastian Tyrala
Mehmet Akgün, Matthew Amoah, Delron Buckley, January vest, David Odonkor, Kosi Saka, Ebi Smolarek, Cedric van the Gun
Bert van Marwijk, thickly Voorn, Wolfgang de Beer, Egid Kiesouw

former players

coach since 1963

historical victories and defeats

in the following are enumerated historically important victories and defeats by Borussia Dortmund, which admits by its characteristics like for example gates within the two digit range became.


the first victory in the Revierderby against thatTo the BVB in the season 1943/44 in the stadium red one earth with 1:0 succeeded to rival fiber plastic Schalke 04. The crucial gate shot Borussias of first national players August spring.

The so far highest victory against Schalke the Borussen reached 04 in the season 1965/66 - the BVB won also7:0.

In the European Cup of the national masters Borussia Dortmund succeeded in the season 1963/64 as sensationally felt 5:0 - a home victory against Benfica Lisbon. After one existed in the quarter final against Dukla Prague, from came against the later competition winner inter Milan in the semi-final.

But itself Borussia Dortmund could in the season 1965/66 as a first German crew at all an European Cup secure, as in the final game in the Hampden park (Glasgow) the fiber plastic Liverpool with 2:1 one defeated.

The Borussen knew their highest federal league home victory to 6. November 1982 with 11:1 against Arminia Bielefeld celebrate (half time conditions 1:1, inthis play shot Manni castle Mueller 5 gates).

The highest Auswärtssieg in the federal league succeeded to the BVB to 7. January 1967 with Fortuna Duesseldorf (5: 0). A gate more shot the BVB even with 6:1 Auswärtssieg with the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne to 23. August 1994. Also worth mentioning thoseHeight of the victories against the Vfb Stuttgart in the season 1995/1996. After a 6:3 home victory to 16. Septembers 1995, obtained the Borussen with a 5:0 in the replay to 16. March 1996 one the highest Auswärtssiege of their history.

To 28. May 1997 won Borussia Dortmund asfirst German crew the champions League. In the final of Munich the BVB met on the favorite Juventus Turin. The BVB had fought itself against AJ Auxerre (first leg 3:1 and Rückspiel 1:0) and Manchester United (first leg 1:0 and Rückspiel 1:0) in the final. The BVB wonthe play with 3:1.


at sad celebrity arrived at 20. October 1940 0:10 - defeat against the sports association Arminia 08 March.

In the first play of the federal league to 24. August 1963 met the BVB on Werder Bremen. The Borussia with 3:2 lost, but Friedhelm Konietzka shot the gate of federal league history frühste thereby after less than one minute.

In the descent season the BVB lost 1971/72 against the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich with 1:11.

The highest federal league defeat was on the last play day of the season 1977/1978 a 0:12 against Borussia Moenchengladbach. Moenchengladbachstood at the table point with that 1. Fiber plastic Cologne. The Cologners had the better gate relationship and played against the crew of the fiber plastic pc., already descended. Pauli. Only by a 5:0 of the Cologners did not become 0:12 defeat a federal league scandal, there thoseCologne masters German with 3 gates projection/lead became. At the same time it was the highest Schlappe of a crew in the federal league at all and led to the dismissal of the coach Otto deer hail, which was also adversely called by the media thereafter Otto gate hail.

To 8. May 2002 missedBorussia Dortmund against the Netherlands representative Feyenoord Rotterdam the UEFA Cup victory. The final game, which took place in Rotterdam, lost the BVB with 2:3, in addition Jürgen charcoal burner flew after some minutes, in one of the last plays of its career, because of a Foulspiels of the place. With a victory would be BorussiaDortmund only the sixth European crew been, which won all national and international titles.

August spring with 22 hits could register itself goal scorer kings in the upper league at that time west in the season 1947/48 into the list of the goal scorer kings.

Adi Preissler became 1949 with 25 gatesand 1950 with 24 gates goal scorer king of the upper league west. Until today he is with 168 gates the record goal scorer of the BVB.

So far two Borussen could get themselves the gate hunter cannon of the federal league. In the seasons 1965/66 and 1966/67 were the winner Lothar Emmerich. It obtained thereby31 and/or. 28 gates.Marcio Amoroso won 2001/2002 with 18 hits the cannon.

Manni castle Mueller, who obtained 135 hits in its time with the BVB between 1976 and 1983 in 224 plays altogether, shot most federal league gates for the Borussia.


white meadow

firstVenue for the Heimspiele of the BVB was the white meadow.

The white meadow was at the Wambeler road in direct proximity of the boron IGP rubber strip and the industrial plants of the Hoesch metallurgical plants in the Dortmunder the north. The white meadow an urban ball playground with career was original andJump pit. The gates consisted of square timbers and transverse slats and were always diminished after the plays.

1924 were developed the white meadow by Borussia Dortmund in self-direction to a stadium for 18.000 visitors and renamed in Borussia Sportpark.

Red earth

Stadion Rote Erde
stadium red one earth

in the year 1937 pulledBorussia Dortmund into the new-arranged stadium red one earth over. The stadium red one earth Dortmund, in former times combat course red one earth mentioned, was built 1926 to the Strobelallee. It lies directly beside the signal Iduna park and the Westphalia resounding.

After its opening it was starting from 1937 up toOpening of the Westphalia stadium the homeland of the Borussia. In the meantime the “combat course” had in the 60's due to an additionally developed wood standing grandstand a capacity, which permitted 42,000 spectators. The legendary plays for reaching the European Cup of the Cup winners took place here.

The stadium red one earth serves todayas play place of the BVB of amateurs.

Westphalia stadium

Westphalia stadium

to 2. April 1974 was opened the new stadium. The new play place of the professional crew in the 2. Federal league and after the ascent 1976 in the 1. Federal league is the “Westphalia stadium”, in the context of the WM 1974 venue of several plays.The costs of the building amounted at that time to 34 million DM.

The stadium offered place for 54000 spectators, whereby both Hintertortribünen offered still Stehplätze at that time. 1992 were reduced the capacity by the re-equipment of being located into seats on the north grandstand to 42.800 spectators. Withsporty successes of the Borussia in the 90's also the Westphalia stadium was gradually removed. In the context of the stage of development one the west and east grandstand were supplemented 1995 around an upper rank with in each case 6,000 seats. In a second stage of development the spectator capacity could 1998 to 68.600 increasedbecome. Also the south grandstand, the fan grandstand of the faithful trailers, was extended to 25.000 places and developed thus to of Europe largest standing place grandstand. The costs of both building phases amounted to 110 million Marks. The third stage of development, which planned the locking of the so far still open corners,gave to the Westphalia stadium an increase of the capacity around accurately 14,499 spectators on now 83,000 places in league enterprise. This made the Dortmunder stadium for largest „football the opera of “Germany. This development is confirmed by the fact that the BVB European-wide with scarcely 79,000 visitors with distancelargest spectator cut of Europe to show knows.

Signal Iduna park

south grandstand signal of the Iduna park

in the context of the scheme of reconstruction had to accept the BVB also a marketing of the stadium name. The insurance company signal Iduna acquired the rights of the use of a name at the Westphalia stadium. Since that 1. December 2005 is called thatStadium therefore „signal Iduna park “. With the incomes obtained thereby the BVB wants to continue the financial consolidation course.

Renaming Westphalia stadium by the fan scene and by the Dortmunder citizenry was taken up extremely critically. The old-established name meant a Me certain measure for manyat identification. In current interviews with the player cadre also today still very frequently the word Westphalia stadium to the Unwillen of the recruit-rubbing, which in a trailer record to the signal Iduna park is then usually corrected, falls. Furthermore the Dortmunder has district agency city center west at the beginning of the yearly 2006decided to call the road from the metropolitan railway stop to the stadium “at the Westphalia stadium” in order to keep thereby the memory at the old names upright. The association had endorsed and showed up officially the alternative suggestion “August spring way” over the decision disappointed.

With the WM 2006 become besidefour Vorrundenspielen also an eighth final and a half final play in the Westphalia stadium take place. Because the FIFA grants only official WM-sponsors the advertisement within that stadium, the signals Iduna park is renamed during the WM again in Westphalia stadium. In the course of the preparation for this large event some modernization foundand structural alteration measures instead of, with which among other things also the capacity was easily reduced. With at present 81,264 spectator places it is however still the largest stadium of Germany.

Training areas Brackel

on the former airport Dortmund Brackel were established in accordance with the defaults of the DFB a training area. Due to the financialProblems of the association the long angedachte training area could not be realized in self-direction. The Dortmunder of public utilities took over the part as an investor and since at the beginning of of 2006 can the ball play association the area use. The delivery to the association takes place to 2. April 2006. Borussia Dortmund steps hereas tenants for the coming 20 years up. After 17 years the association can take over the area. To the Traningsgelände four Rasenplätze belong, heated of it to two and one weather-independently with an artificial turf cover provided. Beside the training places supplements 1700 a square meter function building the area.

The fans of theBVB

Fans von Borussia Dortmund
fans of Borussia Dortmund
"Wir sind Deutscher Meister!" (2002)
“we are German master!” (2002)

The trailers of the soccer association Borussia Dortmund placed 2004/2005 with approx. in the season. 1,4 million spectators in the Westphalia stadium (scarce 76,000 per play) repeats a new federal league and European record up. The BVB sells for each seasonabout 50,000 season tickets - as many as no other German association. In addition about 30,000 members belong to the BVB.

Borussia Dortmund has over 650 official fan clubs in the whole world. More than 25,000 BVB fans are organized in it. The fans of the Borussia get along in particular however Dortmund and the surrounding westfälischen surrounding countryside. Beside Dortmund in particular Hagen , Hamm , the Ennepe Ruhr circle , are the circle Unna, the eastern part of the circle Recklinghausen, the circle Soest as well as the sour country and the winner country BVB fan centers, in those no more other associationFans has as Borussia Dortmund. The fanatischsten among them pursues the Heimspiele of its Borussia on the south grandstand signal of the Iduna park - the standing place grandstand of Europe largest with approximately 25,000 places. The fans of the BVB have national as international due to its special association love and inspiring ability onehigh admitting heating degrees. Besides the spectator average of the last years lay ungeschlagen before all other European soccer associations.

Beside numerous for their love for the football and for the association admitted groups of fans gives it in addition, with the BVB, like at other football clubs also, unions of right-wing extremists of hooligan. End of the 80'sthe Borussenfront made country wide headlines. The association met this phenomenon by the mechanism of an fan-assigned and work projects in the association surrounding field.

Association songs

the official association song is for the thirties we hold together firmly and faithfully. From this song two versions exist: In the original andmeanwhile again valid version emerge in the Refrain the words ball welfare Hurra, Borussia . In the meantime the earlier association guidance had replaced this passage around Gerd Niebaum by the “Hipp Hipp Hurra, Borussia politically correct after own understanding „. In the meeting of the members 2005 became on requestthe old version of the association song to the fan department again as the official association song explains.

How importantly the association song for Borussia Dortmund is and special for its fans, one noticed during the financial crisis, which had to go through Borussia Dortmund in the years 2004 and 2005. The lines we holdthe fans on the south grandstand firmly and faithfully together welded together and gave for them courage further Borussia Dortmund the loyalty to hold.

The song Heja BVB ( sung of Karl-Heinz Bandosz ) is still more popular from the year 1977, which is often regarded as the association song. Itdirectly before the beginning each play of the BVB, with away games sing the along-traveled fans without support from the Lautsprechen are intoniert. Besides naturally still another number of other fan songs as for instance Borussia, exist Olé, now arise the BVB, light, my star Borussia or also You'll more never mill alone and the triumph march from Aida, which were likewise interpreted by different artists and regularly in the stadium are played and by the fans along-sung.


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