Bad clay/tone Bruins

Bad clay/tone Bruins
Based 1924
stadium TD Banknorth guards
location bad clay/tone, Massachusetts
association colors gold, black
Conference Eastern Conference
Divison Northeast division
coach Mike Sullivan
general manager Jeff Gorten (Interim)
owner Jeremy Yak-generic terms
division title
Conference title
Playoffteilnahmen 62
Stanleycupsiege five - 1929, 1939, 1941, 1970, 1972

the bad clay/tone Bruins are an ice hockey crew in the North American professional league NHL. The bad clay/tone Bruins were created 1924 in bad clay/tone (Massachusetts), the USA. The team colors are black and gold. One plays since 1995 in the TD Banknorth guards (capacity: 17,565 spectators).

Since that 30. November 2005 plays the German ice hockey national player Marco storm with the Bruins.

Table of contents

of successes and honours

sporty ones of successes

in the years 1929, 1939, 1941, 1970 and 1972 won the bad clay/tone Bruins the Stanley Cup, the most in demand Trophäe of the ice hockey world. Twelve times stood it unsuccessfully in the final.

association records

famous players

of captains

  • no captain 1924-27
  • Lionel Hitchman 1927-31
  • George Owen 1931-32
  • Dit Clapper 1932-38
  • Cooney because and 1938-39
  • Dit Clapper 1939-46
  • Dit Clapper & John Crawford 1946-47
  • John Crawford 1947-50
  • spleen Schmidt 1950-54
  • spleen Schmidt/OD sand Ford 1954-55
  • Fernie Flaman 1955-61
  • Don McKenney 1961-63
  • Leo Boivin 1963-66

of members that Hockey resound to OF Fame

work on] closed

numbers 2

back numbers are never assigned bus ago more. The back number 99 is generally in the NHL closed in honours of Wayne Gretzky.


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