the Botanik, (griech. botaníké [epistémé]: Botany, of griech. botáné 'pasture [2], Futterpflanze'), is the subsection of biology, which is concerned with the study of the plant world. The term dips for the first timewith Dioskurides up.
Often also the mycology becomes, the study of the lichens (Lichenologie) as well as the microbiology, which is concerned in particular with Prokaryonten and Archaeen, when subsections of the Botanik understood, although the subject of these sciences no plants are.

The Botanikis concerned with the life cycle of the plants, their metabolism and growth, their structure, their contents materials (see medicine), their ecology and with their economic use (see agriculture).

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fields of activity

due to the different questions and methods in the core four subsections of the Botanik developed:

  • Plant morphology - study of the structure and form of the plants with the subsections
    • morphology strictly speaking - outside building of the plants
    • anatomy- internal building of the plants
    • Histologie - fabric teachings
    • Cytologie - fine's building of the cell
  • plant physiology - study of the general sequences of functions of the plants with the subsections
    • metabolic physiology
    • attraction and movement physiology
    • development physiology
  • Geobotanik - study of the plants on competition conditions as well as their dependence on the location. Subsections are:
    • Vegetation customer (plant sociology, Phytocoenologie is synonymous) - is concerned with structure and structure of the ground cover
    • area customer or Chorologie - the spreading of the plant kinships examines
    • historical-genetic Geobotanik - the spreading of the plant kinship investigates plant ecology in
    • the past - examines the relations of the plants and plant communities with its environment.

With botanischen questions are concerned further research directions of biology, neighbour and/or. applied sciences how:

multiple is divided the field of activity of the Botanik also into the subsections general ones and special Botanik as well as applied Botanik, whereby the latters itself with botanischen questions in particular underthe aspect of the use of plants by humans in country - and forestry, horticulture, landscape conservation and environmental protection concern.


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