Botani garden Duesseldorf

Wildblumenwiese mit Kuppelgewächshaus
game flower meadow with dome greenhouse

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the Botani garden Duesseldorf is in the south of Duesseldorf because of sky spirit the Rhine elbow. It belongs to the Heinrich Heine university Duesseldorf and to there Institut for Botanik. It was created 1974 and resident in the meantime approx. 6000 kinds.

open land

the size of the open land amounts to 7 hectars. Apart from the geographically partitioned areas it gives in addition morphologically, systematically and ecologically partitioned plants.

geographical partitioned plants

ecological divided plants

Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum im Steingarten/Vulkanfeld
Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum into the rock-garden/volcanic field
Innenansicht des Kuppelgewächshauses
interior opinion of the dome greenhouse
Orangerie greenhouse

other one plants

domed structure

the domed structure lain central is a cold greenhouse with a surface area of approx. 1000qm. The domed structure has a temperature of 10 - 12 in the winter °C and contains plants from areas with warm, dry summers and heavy-rainfall winters. These are on the one hand plants of the Mediterranean area and the Kanari islands however on the other hand also plants from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, Chile and California.


to 10. October 2004 was inaugurated the Orangerie. It serves above all the hibernation of large, valuable Kübelpflanzen from mediterranen climatic regions, like e.g. Myrtengewächse, resinous wood plants of the south hemisphere and Pyrophyten from Australia and south Africa. It possesses a surface area of 300qm and is 13m highly.

roof greenhouses

the roof greenhouses on the building of the biological institutes belong likewise to the botanischen garden, are not accessible however not for visitors. They serve above all the rearing of plant material for the training meetings of the biological and pharmaceutical institutes.

research and teachings

Teich in der Morphologieabteilung
pond in the morphology department

the mechanisms of the Botani garden take part in the research and theory of biological and pharmaceutical institutes of the university. Plants for the research are tightened accordingly to the requirements. Beyond that various ecological and sociological investigations take place in the open area, which lead to diploma , exam, or doctor work.

The moreover one the botanische garden takes part in the index Seminum, and makes thereby the free seed exchange possible between Botani gardens, university mechanisms and comparable public research institutions.

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