an Ambassador is a highest representative of a state in another country and is subordinate usually to the State Department of his country.

Its task is on the one hand the protection of interests of its government in relation to government, opposition as well as social organizations in the guest state in a message, on the other hand support that itselfin the country stopping own citizen (e.g. with passport problems and Konsularfragen). Within the message he co-operates with for its departments the responsible persons message advice and the Militärattaché .

It is into partial difficult Spagat, there it on the one hand the policy in its farto lying mother country is made with responsible (although it has influence on it from the foreign country hardly), on the other hand one is it good relations to maintain and important information about its guest state to supply. Whether and how these analyses are then used by the departments of the native State Department actually, it can hardly affect from the distance.

In order to make the unrestricted protection of interests possible, immunity is granted to Ambassadors and other diplomats.

The representative domicile of the Ambassador and its family is called residence and is like the message exterritoriales area for the guest state.

In Germany is an Ambassador incivil servants of the higher foreign service appointed by the Federal President.

Ambassadors are addressed with “Excellency” or simply with “Mr. Ambassador”.


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