Boubacar Sanogo

Boubacar Sanogo (* 17. December 1982 in Dimbokro) is a football player of the Ivory Coast.

The Stürmer played first with Siroco fiber plastic in the Ivory Coast, before its way only 1999 to Espérance Sportive de Tunis led him in Tunesien and then into the united Arab emirates. It played there until 2005 with aluminium Ain club from Abu Dhabi, with which it won 2003 the AFC champion League.

To the season 2005/06 the 1 obligated it. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern, where it possesses a contract until 2009. Sanogo obtained directly in its second play a gate and developed to one of the most important players for the Pfälzer. In Kaiserslautern he is in the meantime public favourite and the pointed name “Bobbycar” got.

successes as a player

  • profit of the AFC champion League with aluminium Ain club 2003
  • federal league - soccer players of the monthly: February 2006


“on Saturday I go off like Schmidt `s cat”

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