Bourges is a city in France with approx. 76,000 inhabitants. It is capital of the Départements Cher in the region Centre and seat of an ore diocese. Bourges lies only some kilometers far away from the theoretical center of France.

Bourges is after the gallischen trunk thatBituriger designated. In the antiquity the city Avaricum was called (and/or. Avaric on celtic). In the Middle Ages Bourges seat of a county was and starting from that 14. Century capital of the duchy Berry.

The important gothical cathedral Saint Étienne (1195-1255 build) belongs since 1992 to the world cultural heritage of the UNESCO. Pc. - Etienneis a fünfschiffige Basilika without transverse ship with double choir handling. The glass painting from that is singular 13. Century as well as the innovative Gewölbekonstruktion.

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coordinates: 47° 05 ' 02 " north, 02° 23 ' 47 " east


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