Bourgueil is a municipality in France, in the Département Indre et Loire, the part of the region Centre is. The municipality had a surface of 3295 hectares, is on a height of 42 m and. NN and has 4226 inhabitants. Bougueil lies approx. 40 km to the west of route and approx. 4 km from the Loire removes. The municipality is because of the banks of the Changeon.

In the year 990 Emma, daughter of the count von Blois, Theobald I. based. an important Benediktinerkloster. The monastery was destroyed during the French revolution.

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the municipality gives the Weinbaugebiet of the same name with the status of a compulsory health insurance scheme (since that 31. July 1937) its name. On a Rebfläche of 1368 hectares, which distributes itself on 8 municipalities, in the western part of the region Touraine is cultivated, to a subrange of the Weinbaugebiets Loire almost exclusively red wine from the Rebsorte Cabernet franc. The wines have those somewhat stronger Tannine like the wines of Chinon, approx. 10 km south of Bourgueil on the other side of the Loire grow. If the wines grow on Hanglagen with Tuffgestein, the wines can be very long-lived in very good years (1976, 1989, 1990). Vines, which grow on a sand and a gravel soil, result in fruchtige moderately severe wines.

In the year 2002 69,500 was developed hl red wine as well as some hundred hl Roséwein. Weissweine do not fall under the regulations of the compulsory health insurance scheme.

The wines of Saint Nicolas de Bougueil have their own Appellation.

The wines were already praised by the writers Pierre de Ronsard and François Rabelais.

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coordinates: 47° 16 ' 50 north, 0° 10 ' 15 east


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