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boxes is a combat haven, with which two persons the same weight class under fixed rules fight each other only with the fists.

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the provable first fist fights for the purpose of the maintenance of humans found already 2000 v. Chr. in Egypt instead of. In the following two millenia spreaditself boxes in the ägäischen area out.

The fist-fight became for the first time in the year 688 v. Chr. in Greece with the 23. olympic plays of the antiquity delivered. In antique Rome the fist-fight was demonstrated particularly with Gladiatorenkämpfen (leather belt with metal thorns), the Caestus. It leaves itselfdo not specify exactly however, how old the fist-fight is real, since from 7000 years old representations follows that also similar fights were delivered at that time. The brightistic bronze statue of the boxer of the Quirinal is of it an impressive archaeological certification. Vouchers show that also inold India, China, Korea and Russia as well as among the natives Americas and Africa the fist-fight a component of cults and ceremonies was. With boxes in the modern sense these forms of the fist-fight did not have to do anything.

The origins of modern boxing lie in England of the 18. Century, where the first rules were set up by the Fechtmeister James Figg. 1719 won Figg the first official box tournament since the antique one and became master of England. 1743 were published the first set of rules (London Prize Rules). Most important innovation: the volume actingthe hands, in order to decrease injuries.

The first official box world champion according to the rules of the Marques OF Queensberry became to 7. September 1882 John L. Sullivan. About 100 years after introduction of the first rules, in the year 1867, became London Prize Rules of the Marquess OFQueensberry so far changes that from it the first box rules for boxes with gloves, the so-called.Queensberry rules, came out. With the olympic plays 1904 in pc. Louis celebrated the box haven its premiere as olympic kind of sport. 1906 were created in Cologne the sports club Colonia and are therebythe oldest active amateur box club of Germany. To 5. Decembers 1920 united in Berlin under the name „German realm Reich for amateur boxes “the German Amateurboxer. To 6. Decembers 1920 were accomplished the first German championships. The winners were registered starting from this time in a good list.


the Boxring are square and have an edge length between 16 and 24 foot (488 to 732 cm).
The standard box ring has an edge length of 20 foot (610 cm).


gives fundamental differences between the amateur and professional box haven. The rulesfor the amateur box haven, with which contrary to the professional boxes the sporty comparison is the center of attention rather, of the AIBA, are specified to the world union of the amateur box haven. These rules are at the same time the basis for boxes as olympic discipline. Thus is the participation in olympic playsonly Amateurboxern, which belongs to the world union AIBA, permits. Both directions, the amateur and the professional box haven, have own rules and are only limited comparable from technology and tactics. In addition there are smaller differences between the individual federations within the professional range.

  • Amateurs
US-Amateurboxer in Kalifornien, 2006
US-Amateurboxer in California, 2006
thatFight is delivered - normally - in four rounds by two minutes of length. It decides the number of hits. A hit is recognized, if at least three of the five Punktrichter recognize an impact within one second as hits. This is done via input into a computer. Thisand indicate the hits evaluate the inputs. This system is to make the judgements more comprehensible and limit manipulations. Carrying a helmet and a sleeveless T-Shirts are with amateur box fights obligation. The T-Shirt must differ from the trousers coloured clearly, thus the belt line clearlyis recognizable. With Boxhandschuhen in the amateur haven the permitted hit surface is white marked, in order to support the Ringrichter and the Punktrichter with the recognition of against the rules hits.
  • Professionals
in professional boxes the number of the rounds (à three minutes) can freely be specified, moves however usually between sixand twelve rounds. Three combat judges evaluate independently after each individual round, which Boxer fought in the round more strongly. If the fight lasts over the full round number, by addition of the round evaluations of the winners one determines. If a Ringrichter some Boxer more highly evaluates and twothe others, is a “Split the Decision”, thus a divided decision. If ever a Ringrichter another Boxer more highly evaluated and the third Ringrichter for each Boxer has the same score on the note, it is an undecided. It is likewise an undecided, if twoRingrichter for each Boxer the same points have, independently of as the third Ringrichter evaluates.

With many Boxkämpfen (amateurs such as professionals) the fight is terminated however prematurely: If one of the two Boxer is not able to rise after a precipitation no more in a pre-determined period (10 seconds),the fight is by Knockout (k. o.) decided. If the fight is broken off or one the combat participant gives up, the fight is decided by technical Knockout (TKO).

In the amateur box haven a combat abort becomes by the Ringrichter because of sporty inferiority, obvious combat or defense inability or injuryone of the two participants as RSC and/or. RSC injury (English.Referee stop Contest) designates. Further possibilities for a premature fighting by RSC are threefold depositing of a participant in the same round or four times depositing during the entire fight, numerical superiority of a participant in the point valuation(RSC-OS for English.R-S-Outscored), as well as several heavy head hits (RSC-H) or December ducks a liver hook. A RSC H decision entails beyond that also a combat and a training break of several weeks for the sportsman concerned.

A RSC Kampfabbruch can the Ringrichter during the fight also by the ring physician throughIndication to be recommended. The ring physician has beyond that the right to let the fight interrupt in order to examine a participant regarding its combat effectiveness. The Ringrichter is bound after the end of the investigation to the decision of the ring physician.

of federations

inContrast to many other kinds of sport does not give it with boxes a central organization, which has world-wide all important federations enclosure and thus also the exclusive right, the title “world champion” to assign. Instead there is a large number of federations, somewhat misleadingly the “world box federations” (English: “sanctioning bodies”)are called. It concerns thereby however rather profit-oriented enterprises, so that a comparison with other sport federations can be only heavily drawn. Rather it concerns into boxes very strongly the money, which flows with the meeting of a Boxkampfes. One tries, two promising contractorsto engage for a fight to keep on the one hand in order the sporty quality high to increase on the other hand in addition, around the incomes as far as possible. It resembles thus in certain respects rather recruiting the best drivers in the formula 1.

Four federationsare particularly influential:

  • WBA: 1920 in the USA renamed as national Boxing Association based , 1962 in the current names
  • WBC: international federation, 1963 based as competition to the WBA
  • IBF: 1983 because of diversities of opinion with the WBA based
  • WBO: 1988 created federation alsoSeat in Puerto Rico

your influence lies in it that they can convince Starboxer and Promoter of it, in order their titles to boxes and a portion of their combat stock exchange for their “title” to leave. Large funds it concerns only with these four, because title owners with the present-strongTechnical periodicals like the ring of magazines (or in Germany e.g. the “German box haven”) to be highly classified. It is not worthwhile itself for a good Boxer, around titles off these federations to boxes.

The world champion titles assigned thereby are however always provided with a reference, with which federation of theseone acquired. In the public perception there are thus always four world champion titles. However there is the possibility for the Boxer of combining several the title. In the heavyweight this occurs quite frequently, because the fans are more intolerant here with split titles. However it hangs ofthe agreement of the federation off that these one refuses, is in the past already often happened. Like that it is usually not possible with one another to combine the titles of WBC and WBO.

The prestige of the individual federations differs easily. However is itheavily to designate one which is undisputed. Each of the federations had zweilhafte events in its history. Thus there were repeatedly Dikussionen over doubtful combat decisions. In addition, financially there were already turbulences. Like that the WBC was already once short before the failure.

Further, less influential federationsare:

  • IBA (international Boxing Association)
  • IBC (international Boxing Council)
  • IBO (international Boxing Organization)
  • IBU (international Boxing union)
  • NBA (national Boxing Association)
  • PBO (People's Boxing Organization)
  • UBF (universal Boxing Federation)
  • WAA (World Athletic Association)
  • WBB (World Boxing board)
  • WBF (World Boxing Federation)
  • WBU (World Boxing union)

The latter is the only somewhat more important federation, which obligated also occasionally Spitzenboxer.

boxes as olympic kind of sport


the combat time with the olympic plays 4 * 2 minutes (effective) amount to, with three tracing to one minute each. A Ringrichterleads the fight, five Punktrichter evaluate it after a fixed point system. Since the plays 1996 the best Boxer are set after the world rank list (similar as in the tennis). Boxes is still the only olympic kind of sport, with which only amateurs are certified.

Olympic history

into the modern olympic program became boxes for the first time 1904 in pc. Louis taken up. However only Americans participated, altogether 44 in seven weight classes (flies, Bantam, feather/spring, easy, Welter, means and heavy). In addition came to today half flies (1968), Halbwelter and half means(1952), halfheavily (1920). 1984 the heavyweight divided into the classes up to 91 kg body weight (heavy) and over 91 kg (super+heavy).

Into London 1908 only 42 Boxer from four countries (32 Englishmen, seven Frenchmen, two Danes and an Australian) stepped intoonly five weight classes (Bantam, feather/spring, easy, means and heavy) on, whereby as only non--Englishmen of the Australians Baker achieved a point place (second in the middleweight).

1912 in Stockholm did not give it an olympic box tournament, because in Sweden at that time was forbidden to boxes. From 1920 to 1948 became then ineight, of 1952 to 1964 fought in ten and of 1968 to 1984 in eleven weight classes. Since 1936 the technically best Boxer of the plays is distinguished with the Val Barker cup.


boxes is world-wide one of the most popular kinds of sport. As one thatthis popularity a long tradition has oldest kinds of match of humans and is for example part of the olympic plays, since these 1896 was revived. Nowadays heavyweight fights for the world championship are the bestdotierten sport competitions at all. In Germany the Boxer applies max for Schmeling, although its active timeover 60 years is past, as most popular sportsmen. Same applies on a worldwide scale to Muhammad Ali, which admits in the 1960er and 1970er years far beyond the sport became.

However that is boxes due to openly to looks force practice placed, the danger for the healththe sportsman and its attraction for the half world environment by no means undisputedly.

On the other hand correct training leads to first-class Fitness. For that, which wants to learn itself to defend, that is the ideal entrance. With boxes one learns by full contact savings ring optimum abilities for self-defense.

The kontinuerliche, repeatedCombat training is practiced, like it in boxes with the fist (savings ring), optimizes the effectiveness, which lie in the simplicity of the box techniques.

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