Boyd Rice

Boyd Rice (* 1955) is an US-American musician of the electrical and Industrialszene.

Under the alias NON it published working, electronic experimental music since 1975 at first bizarr, with which almost noise changes frequently also easily in-usual, kitschig working melodies. “Pagan Muzak”, one itsfirst records, can be played in each speed and by drill press with additional holes be provided. Later photographs are less compromiseless. “Pagan Muzak” was one of the first publications of the Industrialgenres and anticipated elements of the Noise at that time already like the Easy Listening. Its nextAlbum appeared 1982 with at that time young label records. Contentwise the thread is far strained; the album “Might!” for example right” appoints itself from Ragnar Redbeard to “ Might is. Until today Boyd Rice applies as Industrialpionier, its person however is by its for sowing anise tablesand socialviennaistic expressions and its admiration for wrong persons, like Adolf Hitler, Alfred rose mountain or Charles Manson extremely disputed. It is a prominent member of the Church OF Satan and was friendly with their founder Anton Szandor LaVey. It created a think tank named Abraxas Foundation from that it socialviennaistic and rechtsesoterische lampoons publishes.

He worked in music also with numerous other well-known musicians, like Douglas Pearce of Death in June, Tony Wakeford likewise from Death in June and meanwhile from Sol Invictus, Michael Moynihan of Blood Axis and other one together. It published these photographs under the name “Boyd Rice and Friends”. With rose McDowell it published some albums under the name Spell.

In addition it produced albums for Ralph Gean, differently musicians from the 1960er years and an album also transilvanischer march music from the 1930er years.

It played also with several films also. According to own data it helped also with the selection the Surf music for the film Pulp Fiction with (into the Credits he is not mentioned).


  • Pagan Muzak (1975)
  • Knife Ladder/mode OF Infection (1978)
  • Easy Listening For The hard OF Hearing (with franc Tovey) (1980)
  • Boyd Rice (1981)
  • Physical Evidence (1982)
  • giant EP (1982)
  • Easy Listening for the hard OFHearing (1984)
  • Blood & Fleming (1987)
  • I'm Just Like You (8 ") (1989)
  • music, Martinis and Misanthropy - and Friends (with Douglas Pearce, Michael Moynihan, rose McDowall, Tony Wakeford and Bob Ferbrache) (1989/1990)
  • Easy Listening foriron youth - The best OF NON (1991)
  • into the shadow OF the sword (1992)
  • Seasons into the Sun (1993)
  • The Monopoly Queen (7 ") (1994)
  • Might! (1995)
  • Hatesville (1995)
  • Death's Gladsome Wedding (1996)
  • Hatesville (1996)
  • God & Beast (1997)
  • Pagan Muzak (reissue) (1999)
  • Receive the Fleming (1999)
  • The Way I Feel (2000)
  • The Reigstered Three - Boyd Rice and Friends (Douglas Pearce, Albin Julius) (2002)
  • Wolf Pact - Boyd Rice and Friends (Douglas Pearce, Albin Julius) (2002)
  • Children OF the black sun (2002)
  • Terra Incognita - Ambient Works 1975 - Present
  • alarm Agents - with Death in June (2004)

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