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Kraj: Südmähri region
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 49° 12 ′ N, 16° 36 ′ O
49° 12 ′ N, 16° 36 ′ O
height: 190-425 m and. NN
surface: 230 km ²
inhabitants: 367,396 (1. April 2005)
Population density: 1683 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 620xx
Kfz characteristic: xBx
city arrangement: 29 urban districts
view of Brünn

Brünn (Czech Brno) the second largest city is Tschechiens and capital of the Südmähri region (Jihomoravský kraj) and at the same time also the Brünner of district (okres). It is already since that 17. Century center of the historical Mähren and is university town and seat of the Czech constitutional court.

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Brünn is because of the southeast edge the Böhmisch Mähri height. By the Stadtt flow the rivers Svratka and the Svitava coming from the city Svitavy, which flow at the southern city boundary into the Svratka. At the northeast city boundary is those Svratka to one about 7 km long and in the broadest place about 600 m broad lake accumulated.


about 1021 was built the castle Brünn and gave later to the lying close settlement the name. 1091 find tofirst time the settlement Brünn mention.1243 become finally Brünn of Wenzel I. as city based. Of 13. Century up to the end of the First World War 1918 was Brünn in its expansion at that time a predominantly German-language city. 1641 solved it Olmützas the capital from Mähren.

Due to the Hussitenkriege Brünn became into the 1420er years a German language island in tschechischsprachiger environment. In the dreissigjährigen war Brünn was besieged 1643 unsuccessfully by Sweden. 1805 found those before the gates of the city Battle of Austerlitz instead of.

Soon after the First World War those became scarcely 55,000 Germans in the city belonging now to Czechoslovakia by incorporations the minority. At the 31.Mai/1.Juni 1945 it came into follows the Beneš decrees to the Brünner so mentioned death march,with that nearly all German-speaking inhabitants of the city - approx. 25% of the population - under inhuman conditions to that about 60 kilometers removes lying Austrian border to march had.

During Czechoslovakian socialism Brünn developed to a prominent industrial citythe country. Many villages at the edge of the city were literally swallowed by enormous disk's building settlements, in order to accommodate the always increasing total population. Today again more importance is attached on the receipt and renovation of the historical old part of town.

In the city it entersCzech-German meeting center.

economics and infrastructure


main as public means of transport the streetcar is used, besides there are also bus - and trolley bus lines. The station in Brünn is a regionally important junction, thatbut by the central situation in Central Europe also international meaning has. There are direct connections z. B. to Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Bucharest. With the bus one can to many international Destinationencome, in addition there are halfhour connections to Prague. The airport Brno Tuřany is appropriate for instance for 10km southeast from the center and offers flights and. A. to Munich, London, Ostrava and Sharm el Sheikh.

In Brünn is those internationally admittedWeapon waffenschmiede “Ceská Zbrojovka” resident.


the 1919 created Masaryk university has about 27,000 students. Besides there is a number of specialized universities, about which the technical university admits Brünn internationally is.

partnerships between cities


play mountain Brünner
Blick auf Brünner Dom
cathedral (cathedral virtue-has
  • objects of interest castle
  • Špilberk view
  • of Brünner cathedral mansion hl. Petrus and Paulus)
  • Mahenovo divadlo (old theatre)
  • Janáčkovo divadlo (new theatre - CzechNational theatre in Brünn
  • old city hall (stará radnice)
  • city park Lužánky

in the environment:


inPlace born

  • Ivan Blatný - Czech poet and member of the group of 42
  • Lev Blatný - Czech poet, author, theatre critic and Dramaturg
  • Pavel Blatný - composer, born in Brünn
  • Zdeněk Chlup - architect
  • January Křtitel Erna - building masters, bricklayer and stone-cutter masters
  • Briefly Gödel - mathematician and logician, Gödel 20 becomes of many as the most important logician. Century regarded
  • Theodor Gomperz - philosophy theoretician
  • Hugo Haas - director, singer, actor, film script author
  • Pavel Haas - pupils of Leoš Janáček, composer in Brünn andTheresienstadt
  • František Halas - Czech poet
  • Oskar Jellinek, Austrian writer, was born in Brünn
  • Maria Jeritza - opera singer, began its career in Brünn
  • George Joseph camel - Austrian Naturkundler, physician and medal man
  • Vítězslava Kaprálová - Komponistin
  • Hellmuth Karasek -German journalist and literary critic, in Brünn Erich
  • Wolfgang grain gold was born - Austrian-US-American composer, conductor and pianist
  • January Kotěra, Czech architect, designer and commercial artist.
  • Milan Kundera - Czech writer
  • Gustav Lindenthal - important bridge construction engineer
  • Adolf Loos - Austrian architectand architectural theorist
  • Ernst Mach born 1838 in the Brünner quarter Chirlitz. The unit of the speed in the comparison to the speed of sound is designated after it (with 1 Mach moved objects break through the “sound barrier”).
  • Jaroslav Mareš - Czech writer and traveler
  • George Placzek - Physicist
  • Zdeněk Rotrekl - poets
  • Miroslav Skála (1924 - 1989), writer and journalist
  • Ernst Tugendhat - German philosopher
  • Ernst Weiss, German-speaking writer, 1882-1940
  • Joseph Viktor Widmann - Swiss writer and journalist

in the place worked

  • Karel Absolon - Czech Prähistoriker and Speläologe
  • Bohuslav Balbín - Czech Jesuit, man of letters, historian, Erdkundler, Patriot and advocate of the Czech language stepped 1636 into Brünn into the Jesuitenorden
  • a Petr Bezruč - Czech writer and poet
  • Břetislav I. (Böhmen) -Prince, selected Brünn to its seat
  • Oldřich Brněnský - prince
  • Karel Čapek - one of the most important Czech writers 20. Century visited the local High School
  • Ludwig Czech starting from 1920 of chairmen of the DSAP; Reformer of the Brünner district health insurance company
  • Karel Engliš -Politician, Expert of financial politics taught at the local University of
  • Rudolf Firkušný - Czech pianist
  • Ludwig Förster, Viennese architect reconditioned 1831 the theatre Reduta and numerous community centres
  • Bohuslav fox, town architect Brünns 1925 - 1929
  • Theophil of Hansen built from 1871-1873 thatAssociation house (Philharmonic Concert Hall)
  • Leoš Janáček - director and professor of the Brünner of conservatoire
  • Dušan Jurkovič - slowakischer architect, made itself 1889 in Brünn independent as an architect.
  • January Kapistrán - Franziskaner Prediger, its first station was Brünn
  • Viktor Kaplan - habilitierte itself in Brünn,its first turbines were built for František Matouš Klácel in
  • the Brünner engine works - Czech poet, journalist and philosopher, representative of the böhmisch mährischen unit, learned at the Augustinerkloster and create later the newspaper Týdeník, late Morravské noviny.
  • Konrad I. (Böhmen)
  • Vladimír cunning -Electrical engineer, scientist, university professor, made itself also with the building of the heating station in Brünn earns
  • Pietro Maroncelli - Brünn Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk worked on the German
  • speaking and culture association - founders and first president of Czechoslovakia, visited the German High School in Brünn
  • Ludwig bad van the raw one - 1928 - 1930 the mansion built virtue-has
  • Robert Musil - Austrian writer and theatre critic, studied Brünn Arne Novák at the German
  • technical university - important Czech Literarhistoriker and literary critic, Germanist and Bohemist, rector thatMasaryk university
  • George Benedikt baron von Ogilvy - king-read-CH-Polish and kurfürstlich Saxonian general field marshal of Scottish descent, was a commander of the Brünner fortress play mountain
  • Silvio Pellico - Italian writer, served its detention in the fortress play mountain
  • Joseph Ressel - k&k Förster and marine propeller inventor
  • Ondřej Sekora -Writer and caricaturist, trained the Rugby crew AFK Žižka Brno
  • January Skácel - poet, lived in Brünn
  • Leo Slezak - opera singer, began its career in Brünn
  • František Sušil - priest, writer, studied in Brünn
  • Antonín Trýb - Schriftstelelr
  • Vladimír Vanýsek- Astrophysicist, paedagogue, worked on the Kopernikus's observatory
  • Hermann of Pückler Muskau - master in the art of gardening, writer
  • Wenzel I. (Böhmen) - king of Böhmen, Stadtgründer
  • January Zahradníček - writers, journalist

in the place died

  • Břetislav Bakala - professor at the Janacek academythe Musi arts
  • Otakar Borůvka - mathematician
  • Josef Dobrovský - Czech Philologe and Slawist
  • Vladimír Groh - Philologe
  • Johann Heinrich (Luxembourg) - son of the böhmischen king Johann of Luxembourg
  • January Helcelet - professor, people reconnaissance aircraft
  • Ferdinand Herčík - philosopher
  • Josef Hybeš- Czech worker leader, politician and journalist
  • Václav Kaprál - Czech composer
  • Heinrich of Leipa - böhmischer aristocrats and politician
  • Jiří Mahen - Czech dramatist, poet, journalist and librarian
  • Gregor Mendel - Augustinermönch and natural scientist, compiled with his in the monastery garden accomplishedResearch at plants bases of the modern genetics
  • Oldřich Mikulášek - poet
  • Elizabeth Richza of Poland - queen of Böhmen
  • Rudolf Těsnohlídek - writer, Dramaturg, poet
  • Jaromír Tomeček - writer
  • Karel Tomeš - painter, mayor of the city
  • Franz baron of thatTrenck - Austrian officer and partisan
  • Vladimír Úlehla - philosopher
  • František Weyr - to right philosopher, statistician, state scientist

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