Fire sole

Brandsohle mit Gemband (welches dem Annähen des Schafts bei rahmengenähten Schuhen dient)
fire sole with Gemband (which serves sewing on the shank with frame-sewn shoes)

as fire sole designates one the layer of the shoe soil pointing to the foot, thus generally the interior sole.

Because to the fire sole on the one hand shoe upper section (the shank) and on the other hand the further soil (intermediate, run sole and paragraph) are fastened, it is considered as the heart of the shoe and is important for the building of shoes eminent.

High-quality shoes have a fire sole from vegetable gegerbtem leather in a strength between 1,2 and 4 millimeters. This material promises best comfort characteristics and high durability. However is it comparatively very expensively and more difficult to process. Therefore nowadays with most shoes of fire soles from artificial fiber fabrics, thermoplastic plastics and particularly impregnated pasteboard are used (hidden in the heel and central floor area often under a glued on half cover fire sole from thin inferior leather). Or in the openly visible part shoe-internal leather is used as fire sole and far in front a cheaper material.

Apart from the material, manufacture and manufacturing costs interior soles from in relation to these alternative materials or material compositions have several disadvantages leather fire soles. A disadvantage serious for the carrier the used is the sum of the worse shoe-climatic characteristics (breathing activity, welding absorption etc.). The worse stretcher characteristics due to it become apparent by foot burning, foot sweat, cold feet in the winter and hot feet in the summer. That is tried to compensate with additional inserting soles (in the winter of skin inserting soles, in the summer weldingsucking “foot beddings”).


the origin of the designation fire sole is disputed. A common explanation leads the term back on burning the sole, which becomes noticeable, if the leather of the fire sole exhibits Gerbfehler (then can in the foot sweat Gerbstoffe from the leather separate, which causes a burning feeling in the contact with the skin) or the fire sole with the wrong side (Narbenseite) to the foot is used and which leather scars (highest layer) was not removed.


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