Roasting potatoes

roasting potatoes
roasting potatoes

roasting potatoes - pommes sautées - are consisting a potato court, of raw or cooked, peeled potatoes, which are roasted with bulbs , belly meat or bacon in the pan.

For peppering salt, pepper, Kümmel or Majoran are used. Variants with Rosmarin and garlic are to be found likewise pretty often.

Regarding kind and cutting up the potatoes, the “correct” pan , which can be used, the roasting fat, peppering and the consistency and the taste with the finished court there are finally differences between the tastes. However rather a knuspriges becomes generalas a too soft roasting result desired. The view that for this festkochende potatoes, a well pre-heated pan, one not to knappe quantity fat (at the best olive oil), not too many layers potatoes in the pan, a longer time with economical turning as well as an addition of spices(Majoran or Oregano), bulbs and bacon only toward end of the roasting period is helpful, to a large extent interspersed themselves. However bulbs and bacon frequently also separately angebraten, since one can prepare it so better than with the potatoes together according to desire.

As supplements often become Fried egg, Sülzkotelett, sausage, Knipp or Matjes handed. Roasting potatoes are suitable also very well as supplement for meat courts. A popular addition of roasting potatoes is a fresh cold beer.

For many farmers (or were) the roasting potatoes are main a daily breakfast, inSwitzerland traditionally Rösti (with bacon or egg), in France roasting potatoes with scrambled egg are called simplyfarmer breakfast “. The potatoes in addition are cooked the previous evening. One knows a similar court in Spain as Tortilla.

Roasting potatoes were in 19. Century the “Festessen“ the worker in the rapidly growing industrial metropolises, because most of them were rural origin and had in the city only rare opportunity to prepare warm meals. The proverbial roasting potato relationship, the roasting potato love or - developed for marriage from homesickness and/or. the longing aftera warm meal - “as with the nut/mother” - and the olfaktorischen effect of the pan smelling after bulbs and bacon, which was ready an industrial worker to honor also materially. Such or similar roasting potato love also still secured numerous widows before the invention of the social security survivingby allowances of in such a way along-nourished paying Ess and living guests - the workers had pretty often at home in the country its families, the roasting potato marriage were therefore usually only a simple purpose community.

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