French Bratwurst from duck meat (left), Italian Bratwurst from Schweinefleisch (center) and Moroccan Merguez from lamb (right), roughly…
... and roasted

the term Bratwurst covers quite different sausage sorts. Usually a sausage made of Schweinefleisch is meant, those into a nature intestine filled up and inthe pan or on the grill roasted and/or. one grills. Besides there are also the smoked Bratwurst, which verzehrt coldly become, as well as further sorts.

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the term

the designation “Bratwurst” is derived not from to roast, but from the kind of manufacture thatSausage:Brät is small chopped meat (of old high German brato for “almost meat”, “soft parts”). In principle therefore very different sausages, among other things also dose sausage can be called Bratwurst. The roasted or grilled Bratwurst is also called for better distinction „rust roasting sausage “, „Roster “, „grill sausage “or „Griller “.

Which kinds of sausagebelonged in Germany to the Bratwursten, can be inferred to the German food book.

one differentiates rough ones and

fine rust roasting sausage with the rust roasting sausages depending upon cutting up the Bräts the rough and the fine Bratwurst. The rough consist to a large extent of Schweinefleisch and are up toPea size roughened. In addition hessian Bratwurst, rust roasting sausage, Nürnberger rust roasting sausage, Treuchtlinger, Rheini Bratwurst (rough) and the Thüringer Bratwurst count the Frankish Bratwurst, Pfälzer Bratwurst. Fine Bratwürste contained usually calf and round meat and are very finely gekuttert. In addition for example the Rheini Bratwurst and the Schlesi Bratwurst count.

the Bratwurst

strong tradition has regional specialities in Franconias and Thuringia and as special delicate-eats there fed. Here it is usually prepared only from Schweinefleisch. One of the oldest mentions of Bratwurst is to z. B. in the butcher order by Heilbronn of7. April 1489: “The bratwurst sol one alone of schwynen make flaisch by pen one gulden”. The use of other meat than Schweinefleisch stood here thus even under punishment.

At some places the Bratwurst is made against it exclusively of high-quality ham meat, which for a special appreciation of the Bratwurstspeaks. In Switzerland rather calf roasting sausages are in demand. With such a calf roasting sausage (after German food right) the calf meat portion must amount to at least 50%. The city pc. Gallen is famous for their (calf) Bratwürste and therefore partially also jokeful roasting sausage city is called.

Some Bratwürste become typically with sauerkraut or potato salad eaten. At conditions they are usually in cut open rolls available. The addition of mustard, Ketchup or Meerrettich ( Kren ) is common. A speciality are the sour ones or blue Zipfel, which are prepared in a spicy vinegar bulb south.


ways thatChopping meat regulation Bratwürste are often gebrüht sold, in particular on fairs. Ungebrühte of Bratwürste gives it usually only directly with the butcher and it is more briefly durable, however many taste better.

Some persons brühen also at home raw Bratwürste before the roast in cooking water. Brühen is even refining ensure.

kinds of roasting sausage

of Coburger Bratwurst

the Coburger Bratwurst at least 25% calf contains - or beef and only with salt, pepper, Muskat and lemon is peppered. As only sausage in Germany it may with raw eggs as bonding agentare manufactured. Only the circle-free city and the district Coburg have an appropriate special permission. It is rougher than z. B. the Nürnberger Bratwurst, is roasted over Kiefernzapfen under full fire on the rust and served in a half roll (double roll). The roll does not become inhorizontal, but in vertical direction cut through. The length of the Bratwurst is determined the legend according to by „the Bratwurstmännla “on the Coburger city hall, which holds a kind marshal staff in the hand. However only 1982 made the fire-brigade at the demonstration new turning leaders for the speculations overthe exact length an end and determined the exact length of this „yardstick “. 31 centimeters the Coburger Bratwurst should bring after their „to marschallstäblichen model “in „the original state “, thus roughly, on the measuring pole, because only water and fat-driving Kiefernzapfenglut transforms the oversize „blanks “depending upon grill duration intomore or less shorter Coburger of Bratwürste. There are Coburger of Bratwürste in the sleep skirt with some bakers also. Coburger of Bratwürste, which were not sold, are rolled up and baked in white flour paste for rolls. Also a characteristic of the Coburger Bratwurst is the intestine, eingentlich no intestine, but only thoseFat layer, which protects the intestine, in such a way specified pick up or Schleiss.

Frankish Bratwurst

the Frankish Bratwurst is a comprehensive term for mostly relatively thick Bratwürste of middle length. Them are ten to twenty centimeters long (dependent on the region) and have about 15 to20 mm in diameter. Their contents are relatively rough. Who orders two with herb or three with herb in a Frankish restaurant, gets without further demand these large Frankish Bratwürste with sauerkraut. Who orders the two or three with salad, she always gets with (Frankish) potato salad. It is to have been invented 1573.

Kulmbacher Bratwurst

the Kulmbacher Bratwurst is characterised by a high calf meat portion. It consists, like the Hofer Bratwurst, of very finely gekuttertem Metz, to which when processing ice is added.

Hofer Bratwurst

those Hofer Brodwärschd are finer and above all many leaner than their direct Nachbaren (Thüringer, Coburger and Frankish one). Since the regional regulations orient themselves at the Coburger and Bamberger Bratwürsten, recently some Hofer butchers were warned, because their Bratwürste are too lean according to regulation. Who onceto yard comes, for example to the Hofer film days, should not not miss to try a pair of Bratwürste.

farmer sighs

with farmer sigh (discussion: Bauernseifzer) is designated a smoked Bratwurst. Here it concerns oberpfälzer speciality.

The Bratwurst is approx. 15 to 20cm long, two to three cm thickly and is black smoked. After smoking the sausage becomes either cold with bread (and possibly. Bulbs) or cooked with sauerkraut verzehrt.


the Merguez is a Bratwurst of Moroccan origin. There Morocco some decades FrenchProtectorate was and many Maroccans to France emigrierten later, is common the Merguez also in France. It consists traditionally of lamb, however also with up to 50% beef is offered. The Merguez becomes very sharply with Chili, Kumin, Koriander, garlic and Rosmarin peppered and contains sometimes also something Zimt and Minze.

Nürnberger rust roasting sausage

the Nürnberger Bratwurst, with full name Nürnberger rust roasting sausage, is finer and smaller than the Frankish Bratwurst. Their length amounts to seven to nine centimeters with a diameter ofapproximately one and a half centimeters. Roughly it weighs only 20 to 25 gram. The Nürnberger rust roasting sausage is filled exclusively into very thin sheep intestines. It receives their typical taste particularly by the special Majoranwürzung.

The designation „original Nürnberger rust roasting sausage “is as geographical indication of origin of the European Union commissionprotected. Only Bratwürste, which are manufactured in the city by Nuremberg and prescription fixed after, may carry this names. The confirmed also the regional court Munich 2005 (LG Munich I 33 O 5401/05).

A gladly told - published and in some bills of fare - history means, the reasonfor the small diameter of the Bratwürste is that that prisoners in the Nürnberger hole prison could be supplied by the keyhole by their members with the sausage. Another legend for the consequence Nürnberger of restaurant operators/barkeepers in the Middle Ages developed the small Bratwürste, around traveler, those after beginning thatClosing hour still in the old commercial town arrived to be able to board by the keyhole of the pub door. The most plausible theory however assumes on the general price increase in 16. To century in Nuremberg one reacted with sinking piece weights for the popular food, all the usurious prices tooprevent.

The historically occupied and to today internationally unbroken popularity of the Nürnberger rust roasting sausage testifies already the history of the Bratwurst Stromer in such a way specified from that 17. Century. This member of the important Nürnberger Patrizierfamilie Stromer became because of secret betrayal and unflätiger speeches life imprisonment in the tower on thatNürnberger peninsula pour condemned. As Patrizier it had however a desire free and wished itself to get at expense of the city each day of two Bratwürste. Up to its suicide this desire was long met to it 33 years.

Nürnberger of rust roasting sausages become as special delicate-eat in Nurembergin Bratwurstbratereien prepares. These special restaurants (z. B.Bratwurst Röslein, Bratwurst Glöcklein) are frequently tradition-conscious restaurants with an often century-long tradition, which with native ones and visitors equally about popularity and are overcrowded in consequence its enjoy at noon usually. One eats typically twelve (a dozen)or six (a half dozen) rust roasting sausages. In roasting sausage kitchens traditionally the sausages with Frankish Meerrettich, in Nuremberg Kren called, are served on a tin plate, in restaurants usually with supplements. Who in Nuremberg six on herb, and/or. with salad ordered, gets the rust roasting sausages with sauerkrautor potato salad serves. In the street sale there are in each case three Nürnberger rust roasting sausages in a roll, to order as „three in at Weggla “. The traditional preparation on a grill fire, which is stirred up by beech wood, is because of the strong smoke development however in the official street sale on thoseChristmas season limits.

A special form of the roasting sausage preparation are blue Zipfel. Here the Bratwurst in the vinegar south with bulb rings is cooked.

Westfäli Bratwurst

the Westfäli Bratwurst is a modern representative of a gebrühten sausage in the original sheep intestine. As a “inventor” this very finely gekuttertenand tasted sausage applies the Bielefelder Fleischermeister Hans Niermann (1929 to 2004) exellent, which received its master's certificate for this development 1954 (the Fleischerei was given up after the death of the owner). Similarly as the Schlesi Bratwurst also the Westfäli Bratwurst under Hinzugabe of pushed ice becomescompletely freshly manufactured. A true anecdote: The Westfäli Bratwurst is not completely “harmless” (if it after the original prescription is manufactured) for the producer: Master Niermann was occupied by the local food authority with a penalty, because its sausage fell below the prescribed fat portion (it was too lean!).An important characteristic of the modern Westfäli Bratwurst is the use of a natural sheep intestine, whereby the high claim of quality of this product is underlined.

north Hessian Bratwurst

the north Hessian Bratwurst is very similar the Thüringer rust roasting sausage. However it becomes from something rougher usually pig-chopsmanufactured as these. At the lunch it - like also the Thüringer rust roasting sausage - is roasted on charcoal, sold in a cut open roll and coated according to desire with mustard. It is relatively long (approximately 20 cm), about 15 mm thickly and strongly peppered. Their main circulation area is traditionally quite strongly the northeasthessian area connected with Thuringia.

Olma Bratwurst (pc. Galler Bratwurst)

the Olma Bratwurst is a speciality from Swiss city pc. Gallen - in the roasting sausage country so mentioned. It is a mixture from pig and calf meat as well as bacon, which milkone attaches. The Bratwurst of the fair of the same name OLMA (east Swiss land and dairy exhibition) inherited the name. Officially these Bratwürste under the guiding principle number 2.221.11 are led and differentiated by the other Bratwürsten. The weight of the Olmabratwurst is exactly prescribed with 160 gram. This sausage is in whole German German admits and is often considered as best Swiss Bratwürste. A stately number of Feinschmeckern from the foreign country leaves itself this sausage from pc. Gallen into the homeland send. As a taboo the use of mustard is considered. Therefore the pc. become.Galler Bratwurst in pc. Gallen only with bread spent. Only as menu supplement (e.g. to Rösti) it is served frequently at a Zwiebelsauce. In pc. Gallen stated that if someone to it-gives mustard to a Olma Brotworscht, thus show that he does not come from the region.

The 220 gram heavy St.Galler child fixed roasting sausage, which are offered in particular at every three years the taking place child celebration, as well as the small Bratwurst with 115 gram are similar to the Olma Bratwurst. Both differ only in the weight from the Olma Bratwurst.

Pfälzer Bratwurst

those Pfälzer Bratwurst differs by its quite rough consistency clearly from the finer Frankish and Thuringian Bratwurst. Pfälzer of Bratwürste have a diameter of approximately 25-30 mm on average and are about 15 cm long. They are usually eaten with sauerkraut.

red Bratwurst

The red Bratwurst (short:Red one) is a popular Bratwurst in Stuttgart and its region. It resembles a support sausage and contains very fine Brät from Schweinefleisch and bacon and tastes particularly spicy. Thus the knackige sausage on the grill does not burst often becomes the intestineseveral times scratched. That crosswise cutting the two sausage ends leads to the fact that the ends with crickets „up mushrooms “, which of the feature of the sausage is characteristic. The red one is served usually with centralsharp mustard and a disk bread, but many eat her also with Ketchup, which thatfor some humans very spicy taste (see. roasted meat cheese) something moderates. Purists say, take the typical taste to Ketchup.

Schlesi (white) Bratwurst

the schlesische (white) Bratwurst (also schlesische white sausage called), comes particularly from the area east the or/Neisse border. This sausage becomestraditionally only in the Weihnachtsmonat manufactured, and to Christmas eve and New Year with a typically schlesischen Tunke (for example Fischtunke, Pfefferkuchentunke) verzehrt. The sausage consists particularly of calf meat (nowadays often by Schweinefleisch replaces or supplements) and pig bacon, which both extremely finely (still more strongly than thoseNürnberger Bratwurst) under would add cut up by ice, and with lemon spice and weisswein to be refined. This mass is filled up in pig small intestine and can be abgebrüht to the better durability. This sausage is roasted slowly in butter, and remains very bright.

Sonneberger rust roasting sausage

those Sonneberger rust roasting sausage is a delicate Thüringer variant of the Thuringian rust roasting sausage. It is also very related to the Coburger rust roasting sausage and particularly in the area sun mountain is offered.

Sulzfelder meter roasting sausage

the Sulzfelder meter roasting sausage becomes, like the name already says, according to its lengthmeasured. Them are about 10 to 15 mm thickly, but very long. One orders a half meter or for very large hunger a meter, normally with sauerkraut. The Sulzfelder meter roasting sausage is not as strongly peppered as the other Bratwürste.

The meter roasting sausage became for the first timein the year 1953 by the restaurant operator/barkeeper Lorenz strong manufactured. Allegedly a guest had said to the landlord as radix complement for his good sausages: „The Wurscht know I ess! “Thereupon Lorenz strong created one within 30 minutes meter for a long time Bratwurst and served these.

The Sulzfelder meter roasting sausagesometimes also under the name Main-Frankish meter roasting sausage is offered.

Thüringer rust roasting sausage

the Thüringer rust roasting sausage tastes strong and is 15 to 20 cm long and about 15 mm thickly. Traditionally it is roasted over charcoal. At lunches it, with mustard, is coated insells to a cut open roll. The first mention was 1404, but developed itself further it in the course of the time.

peppering citizen Bratwurst

the peppering citizens Bratwurst corresponds to rust roasting sausage in the size of the Thüringer, but contains additionally a portion of white Franconia wine.

Vegetarian Bratwurst

vegetarian Bratwürste can be made from Tofu, of glows or from a combination of both. Since both Tofu and glows little self-taste to have can be peppered vegetarian Bratwürste similarly as classical Bratwürste.

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