Bravo TV

Bravo TV (official way of writing BRAVO TV) is a television broadcast, which was radiated Sunday in the afternoon by January 1985 until December 1986 on Sat.1 and by May 1993 until December 2002 on RTL 2. In February 2003 the Second Channel of German Television transferred the transmission, which was stopped in November 2004 due to unsatisfactory ratingses. After a longer break Bravo TV started again to 5. November 2005 on pro filters. The transmission is moderated this time by singer Ben.

The youth magazine contains similar columns as the printout of the Bravo. Firm one of components are detailed Charts, prominent guests, clearing-up topics as well as a desire video for the end of the transmission.


the moderators of Bravo TV since 1993 were:


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