Bremen (country)

free Hanseatic city Bremen
National flag Landeswappen
Flagge des Bundeslands Bremen Großes Wappen des Bundeslands Bremen

buten un within - dare un winnen
(outside and inside - dare and win)
inscription over the portal of the Schütting, slogan that of Bremen buyers
base data
name: Free Hanseatic city Bremen
surface: 404.23 km ² (16.)
Inhabitants: 663.642 (16.) (31. December 2003)
Population density: 1642 Einwohner/km ² (3.)
Landeshymne: That of Bremen key
debts: 18.505 € per inhabitant (at the end of of 2005)
debts entirely: 9.6 billion € (2002)
ISO 3166-2: DE-HB
official Website:
president of the senate: Jens Böhrnsen (SPD)
governing parties: SPD and CDU
allocation of seats in
the citizenry

(83 seats):
SPD 40
CDU 29
B90/Grüne 13
last choice: 25. May 2003
next choice: 2007
parliamentary agency
voices in the Upper House of Parliament: 3
Lage des Landes Bremen in Deutschland

the free Hanseatic city Bremen is at 404 km ² the smallest country of Germany, at the underflow and muzzle funnel of the Weser and covers two 53 km from each otherremoved cities Bremen (327 km ²) and Bremerhaven, which are by area of Lower Saxony from each other separated. Bremerhaven additionally still borders in the west on the North Sea. The number of inhabitants amounts to altogether (Bremen and Bremerhaven) approximately 664.000.

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although Bremen a very small Land of the Federal Republic is, offers it a great many vacant, nature-left surfaces, which are comparable with one another in both separated regions. Thus are along the rivers Wümme, Lesum, Ochtum and Geeste fruitful march meadows and ox-bows, which stand partially under nature protection and a natural Flora and exhibit fauna. Here also agriculture is operated. These areas serve also as local recreation areas for the of Bremen and Bremerhavener.

administrative arrangement

the country Bremenis divided into the cities:

] general sound

of the condition of Bremen

the Bremi state leads and is Bremen and Bremerhaven [work on] the name “free Hanseatic city Bremen” member of the German republic and Europe (kind. 64).According to kind. 65 the Bremi state professes itself of social justice, liberty, protection of the natural environment, peace and people communication to democracy . All power proceeds in Bremen from the people .


Sitzverteilung in der Bürgerschaft

the legislation the citizenry ( comparable with land days ) forms, whose members within the choice ranges Bremen and Bremerhaven are selected on four years in general, same, direct, free and secret choice (kind. 75). In addition the legislation is entitled to the people in populars vote. ThoseCitizenry consists at present of 83 delegates. 66 of the 67 delegates selected in the city Bremen is at the same time and responsible to member of the citizenry of the municipality Bremen with the senate for the city Bremen (since introduction of the local election right for all citizensthe European union at their domicile the composition of the city citizenry of that can differ the stadtbremischen delegates of the state parliament). The city Bremerhaven possesses its own mayor, mayor, municipal authorities and its own town council.

the senate educates senates


Bremen to federal state government [work on ] (comparable with a federal state government). The individual senate members become of the voices delivered by the citizenry with the majority for the duration of the electoral period of the citizenryselected. First the president of the senate in a separate ballot is selected. To further members of the senate Councils of State, whose number may not exceed a third of the number of the senators, on suggestion of the senate can be selected (kind. 108). InComparison to the other land governments is pronounced by the fact, above all the character of the senate than collegial organ particularly that no guideline authority is entitled to the president of the senate. The senate members can belong to the citizenry not at the same time (kind. 109).


those judicial force is implemented by independent judges (kind. 135). The members of the courts are selected by a committee, that is educated to five members of the citizenry and three judges from three members of the senate, (kind. 136).

For questions, those BremiCondition concern, a high court of state one furnished. The high court of state consists of the president of the higher administrative court of the free Hanseatic city Bremen or its deputy as well as of six selected members, by whom two lawyers must be bremische judges. The selected members become from thatCitizenry after its first meets immediately for the duration of their electoral period selected and remains in the office, until the next citizenry made the new election. With the choice the strength of the parliamentary groups is to be considered after possibility. The selected members may not members of the senate or the citizenry its. Re-election is permissible (kind. 139).

coats of arms and flag

Großes Landeswappen Mittleres Landeswappen Bremer Schlüssel Landesflagge Landesflagge mit mittlerem Wappen Landesflagge mit größerem Wappen
large Landeswappen middle Landeswappen of Bremen key national flag national flag with middle coat of arms national flag with larger coat of arms


the populationoriginally consists of Saxonia and Friesen.

the Christians belong to religion traditional by the majority to the Evangelical-Lutheran church (Bremi Evangelist church in Bremen and Bremerhaven center as well as Evangelical-Lutheran regional church of Hanover in the remainder of Bremerhaven). The Roman-catholic Christians belong to Diocese Osnabrück (Bremen) and to the diocese Hildesheim (Bremerhaven).


economics and traffic

Bremen possesses meaning for the coffee import and the autoexport. In Bremen are a DaimlerChrysler - work, airbus - production andSpace travel (EADS, OHB) as well as foodstuffs industry (Kraft Foods, brewery Beck & cost., Kellogg's, Melitta Coffee)


Bremen and Bremerhaven form together the second largest sea port of Germany. Emphasis is here in particular the autoenvelope, container terminal andFishing port in Bremerhaven as well as the Neustädter port in Bremen.


Bremen and Bremerhaven are interconnected by an electrified main railway line. Furthermore from Bremen out connections lead main station to Hamburg, Hanover, Uelzen, into the Ruhr district, after Delmenhorst - Oldenburg (Oldb.) /- Osnabrück and into the quarter Vegesack. From Bremerhaven out railway connections lead main station after Cuxhaven and to Hamburg.


both regions are interconnected by the motorway A27. The cityIn addition Bremen is concerned by the A1. In the city of Bremen z becomes. Time. the A281 built.

air traffic

in Bremen new country is the airport Bremen, in Bremerhaven Luneort a smaller airfield.


data inYear 1925
surface: 258 km ²
inhabitants: 338,846
population density: . /km ² map free
Hanseatic city
Freie Hansestadt Bremen 1815-1939
Bremen 1815-1939 the country

Bremen the religious Fürstentumes Bremen stands for 1318 Einw, far parts of the region between Weser in the medieval tradition of the Hanse and and Elbe covered. After the Principality of, which 1648 (Westfäli peace) to Sweden had come, later in the Kingdom of Hanover came up, the city Bremen remained independent realm city. Because of the sand silting of the Weser it was necessarily, Weser downward new ports toobuild. In this way the cities Vegesack (today a quarter of the city Bremen) and Bremerhaven were created. From 1855 to 1867 the country Bremen even own stamps spent, before it joined north Germans the federation (see post office history of Bremen). 1871 becamethe country Bremen an own Federal State in the German empire. After the Second World War Bremen became port of the armed forces of the USA. It formed thus an enclave for US zone of occupation within the British occupied zone, which continued the country after the waras independent Land of the Federal Republic guaranteed.


in country Bremen gives it to two Universities of ( the University of Bremen and internationally the University Bremen), two professional schools ( the university Bremen and the university Bremerhaven), a university for arts in Bremenas well as numerous non-university mechanisms, like for example the German center for polar research in the institute for Alfred way he Bremerhaven.

In Bremen is as first Land of the Federal Republic the Wbone - network for educational facilities implements.

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coordinates: 53° 21 ' N, 8° 35 ' O


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