Brendan Comiskey

Brendan Comiskey (* 13. August 1935 in Tasson, Ireland) was to 1. April 2002 Roman-catholic bishop the dioceses Ferns in the southeast of Ireland.

On this day withdrew the abuse of priests of his Diözese at children, sexual as a liberally valid bishop due to several incidents, from whom he was to have known for many years without decided enough against it to have proceeded. As in the case of bishop briefly Krenn in pc. , Into its area of responsibility it to a scandal had likewise come also alcohol problems of the bishop polarized were mentioned, and a treatment the same into prospect placed.

Fact is however also that in the last years admits several cases of sexual misdemeanours in the catholic church became, which not by alcohol problems of individual persons to be explained to be able and besides at least so far after solid pressure of the public were only recognized.

1980 were shifted Brendan Comiskey bishop from Dublin, 1984 after Ferns. it, the church required 1995 the Zölibat was to waive, according to which to discussions into the Vatikan one loaded. A three-month study stay in the United States followed. After its Rückkher after Ferns also still its handling finances of the Diözese was then questioned.

As apostolischer administrator of the Diözese after the resignation of the bishop up to the new occupation of the post Éamonn Walsh, one of the bishops was used from Dublin.

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