the French town Briançon is with 1.200 to 1,326 m and. NN after Davos the secondaryhigh-altitude city of Europe. It lies at the western edge of the Cotti alps, in the proximity to the Italian border. Here the Guisane flows into the Durance.

Briançon is appropriate for only 1,850 m below the high Col de Montgenèvre, who already represented an important connection between the middle Rhônetal and the Poebene to the Roman time.

1692 destroyed a major fire the today's upper city. Because of their strategically important situation to Italy it was again developed however in this time by Vauban and integrated into a fully developed fortress system, which covered several smaller fortresses beside the upper city and a citadel also. This system resisted 1815 an attack of the Austrians and 1940 Italian attacks.

Today the roads from Gap and Grenoble meet and continue to lead across the Montgenèvre to Turin in Briançon. Further the city is terminator point of a line from Gap, over which courses operate after Valence and Lyon.

sons and daughters of the city

coordinates: 44° 53 ′ 49,56 ″ N; 6° 38 ′ 5,64 ″ O


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