Brian Behlendorf

Brian Behlendorf (* 30. March 1973) is one of the original developers of the Apache of Web server, most frequently the Web server used in the Internet. Further it was initial member of the Apache Group, which became later the Apache software Foundation. Behlendorf was three years long president of this organization and is still member of the board.

It buildup in southern California in the proximity jet of the Propulsion Laboratory of NASA and was interested in the development of the Internet in dessem early stage, while it studied in the early 90's in Berkeley. 1993 created Behlendorf as well as Jonathan Nelson the company Organic Inc., which itself as first with the production of commercial web pages busy. While they developed 1994 first, profit oriented Web operational readiness level for the company HotWired, they noticed that one with at that time at the most frequent used Web server the NCSA httpd (which of national the center was developed for Supercomputing Applications at the University OF Illinois RK Urbana Champaign) a user registration, how them were requested by the client, not to realize could. For this reason Behlendorf the Web server for the HotWired project, D patchte. h. it changed the source text.

But Behlendorf was not the only one, that at this time with the patchen NCSA source text busy and furnished itself in such a way it together with Cliff Skolnick a mailing list , in order to coordinate the work of the different programmers. At the end of February 1995 the Apache Group of eight of the original developers one based. While they worked loosely together, they wrote the entire source text again and the first Apache HTTP server came out . 1999 became from the Apache Group the Apache software Foundation.

Behlendorf is today CTO in the company CollabNet, who he created 1999 together with O'Reilly & Associates (now O'Reilly Media).

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