Brian Clough

Brian Clough (* 21. March 1935 in Middlesbrough; † 20. September 2004 in Derby) was an English football player and coach. Its it had largest successes as coaches with Derby County and Nottingham Forest.

career as a player

Clough played as a Stürmer for the fiber plastic Middlesbrough and for the Sunderland A.F.C.. It obtained 251 gates in 274 plays, before it had to terminate its career 1962 because of an injury. In the English national soccer team it played twice, without obtaining a gate.

career as a coach

Clough went then as a coach to Hartlepools United, before it became a 1967 coach with Derby County. With Derby it became 1972 English football master. Its sayings against the football establishment led to the fact that it over-threw itself with the association guidance and left the association. Afterwards it trained Brighton & Hove Albion F.C., later it became then a coach of Leeds United. it won 1978 with Nottingham Forest the championship and 1979 and 1980 became Nottingham Forest with it as a coach winner of the European Cup of the national masters. 1984 withdrew Clough as a coach from Nottingham Forest. After the Outing of Justin Fashanu it quit to this groundless. Many English football fans regard its successes with relatively small clubs as the largest coach achievement in English football history.

Brian Clough died to 20. September 2004 after alcohol dependence of many years in the hospital on Derby at stomach cancer.


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