Briana bank

Briana bank (real name: Briana Bany; * 21. May 1978 in Munich, Bavaria, Germany) is well-known a well-known US-American Pornodarstellerin, and also under the name Mirage. The artist name speaks itself intentionally like “Briana bangs” (English. Briana bumst) out.

With three years it pulled with its parents to London. After a few years continued to pull they. Briana worked first as an insurance representative, then as photo model for Teenagerkleidung. Finally she came to Simi Valley, Los Angeles. Allegedly it did not want to make films, but posieren only for magazines. At the beginning of of 1999 began it however their activity in the Pornogeschäft under the artist name Mirage.

In the middle of 2000 colored the Brünette blond the hair and could their chests be increased, in order to have larger chances of success in the Pornogeschäft. From now on it called itself Briana bank. In the year 2001 she achieved the honor with the award of the Hot D'Or in Cannes as “Best American new Starlet”, the best Newcomerin of the yearly in the American business. In June 2001 it was gekürt in Penthouse to the “Pet OF the Month”. She signed a contract about at the same time with Vivid video, where also the Pornostars Devonian, Chasey a layman, Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson stands under contract. In the year 2003 she achieved both honors for the usually-sold and the usually-lent video with its film Briana Loves Jenna with the award of the AVN Awards. Thus their film belonged in the preceeding year 2002 to the most successful films in the Pornobranche. Altogether it has so far in approx. 150 films participated.


  • AVN Award 2003: Best rented Tape with Briana Loves Jenna (with Jenna Jameson)
  • AVN Award 2003: Best selling Tape with Briana Loves Jenna
  • Hot D'Or Cannes 2001: Best American new Starlet

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