Letter of the Paulus at Titus

the letter of the Paulus at Titus is a book of the new will of the Bible; it is divided since the Middle Ages into 3 chapters and is thereby one of the shortest books of the Bible. The authorgiving itself as Paulus from Tarsus by the greeting formula typical for Paulus used. The addressee Titus was according to Apostelgeschichte a coworker of many years of the Paulus.

The author shank of the Paulus is today often denied (see Pastoralbriefe).

Table of contents


chapters 1

after greetings of its friend and coworker Titus, reminds the author Titusto arrange to the task the church into Crete. The chiefs who can be used (bishops to call today rather ministers) should be therefore perfect and have a tidy, gläubige family. This place (Tit 1.7) is gladly quoted by Zölibatskritikern.

The taskwas particularly heavy, since there was a strong Jewish municipality, which often confuses neubekehrte Christians according to Titusbrief in Crete. (Here the well-known paradox is quoted, in which a Kreter states, all Kreter would be liars, sees also paradox of the Epimenides).

chapter 2

living together in the municipality: There are different age groups and social layers in the municipality. These are to behave their roles accordingly. The place Tit. 2,3-5 one uses by opponents of toolistic theology gladly.

(11-15)The right life is only by the grace of God possible

chapter 3

also as a Christian is we part of the society and must to the regulations of the authority adhere.

The author will send a representative to Titus, therebythis it in Nikopolis to visit knows


  • the author, that the letter in the name of the Paulus writes
  • Titus, after the tradition first bishop of Crete.
  • Other persons, who are called only in the parting formula


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