Brigadier General

the Brigadier General (D) or Brigadier (CH, A, GB) is lowest general rank in the army and at the Air Force.


badge of rank Brigadier General

with the German Federal Armed Forces are Brigadier Generals member of the generals. They are always career soldiers. On the shoulder strap is a golden star (also Pickel called) in golden oak leaves elbow. They are paid after salary bracket B 6.

The title “Brigadier General” lowest general rank Brigadier general comes from the angloamerikanischen area, there is called. In British armed forces however that counts Brigadier not yet to the actual generals. In the British Air Force the air Commodore corresponds to the rank of a Brigadier General.

The rank was introduced 1955/ 1956 to the German Federal Armed Forces to reach over a standardization in the general ranks within NATO and corresponded thereby as lowestGeneral rank rank designated in former times in Germany as a major general.

A brigade is usually stated by a Brigadier General. The brigade (consisting of 1.400 - 4,200 soldiers) is the smallest, major unit organically compound from several branches of service.

The rank was from 1951 to 1976 in the Federal Border Police(today federal police) usually.

The Brigadier General stands regarding the ranks a stage over the Colonel. The next stage reads major general.

Of equal standing ranks

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Switzerland and Austria

in Switzerland and Austria are called “in star generals” Brigadiere (see also the own article for this). In Swiss army the Brigadier is the lowest rank of the higher staff officers. In the Austrian federal army Brigadier is the lowest of four general ranks.


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