the Brigg is a two-masted sailing boat with Rahsegeln at both masts. Name giver is the Gaffelsegel driven at the grossmast, which with this Takelage Briggsegel is called.

At the front mast, the Fockmast, 19 became to center. Jh. three large Rahsegel and three steam turbine and gas turbine system gel and at the rearMast, the grossmast, two to three large Rahsegel and two to three steam turbine and gas turbine system gel as well as the Briggsegel driven. Originally Briggs did not lead a sail to the lower Rah of the grossmasts. In later years in each case the two upper sails still once divided into upper and Untermars as well as upperand Unterbram. The simplified operation of the sails in heavy weather and increased the number of Rahen per mast to five. The main topgallant sail is called today on many ships also Royal.

It only few ships of these Takelungsart, for example the Polish Fryderyk Chopin, thoseDutch Astrid or the German Roald Amundsen.

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