Brigitte Reimann

Brigitte Reimann (* 21. July 1933 in castle; † 20. February 1973 in east Berlin) was a German authoress.

After the Abitur Brigitte Reimann worked first as a teacher. 1955 began to write it.

As an authoress it represented in such a way specified Bitter fields way, after which authors should try to manufacture by work in enterprises a closer contact to the people. 1960 pulled it after Hoyerswerda, where she lived until 1968. 1965 were honoured it with the Heinrich man price. From 1968 to 1973 she lived in new Brandenburg (Brigitte Reimann memorial place). During the years in Hoyerswerda she worked in the collective combineblack pump “. From this activity it wrote the short novel “arrival in the everyday life” to 1961. It gave the name to the arrival literature in such a way specified.

At the age of 39 years Brigitte Reimann died to 20. February 1973 in Berlin at cancer. It left the novel “Franziska left hand” unfinished. Some today's literature scientists assume that this work before the publication was partly rewritten on behalf of SED functionaries and individual excerpts were painted. 2003 experienced Brigitte Reimann numerous honours to their70. Birthday, and. A. in Hoyerswerda a library was designated after it and furnished in new Brandenburg a memorial place.2004 were filmed their life in the television production “hunger on lives”. The main role played Martina cover.


  • 1956: “The woman at the pillory” (narration),“Children of Hellas” (Erzälung)
  • 1960: “The confession” (narration), “a man stands for 1961 before the door” and “seven Scheffel salt” (radio plays, CO author Siegfried Pitschmann
  • ): “Arrival in the everyday life” (narration)
  • 1963: “Brothers and sisters” (narration)
  • 1965: “The green light of the steppes” (radio play)
  • 1974: “Franziska left hand” (novel, unfinished)
  • 1993: “Is greeted and live " (exchanges of letters 1964 to 1973 with Chista wolf, CO authoress Christa wolf)
  • 1997: “I do not regret anything” (diaries 1955 to 1963)
  • 1998: “Everything tastes after parting” (diaries 1964 to 1970)

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